Design a Twizy and Win your college tuition fees.

Renault are offering students the chance to win a years worth of tuition fees (up to £8,000). All you have to do is come up with a ‘funky and fresh’ design for their new Renault Twizy (pictured below).

Design a Twizy

The two-seated electrically powered Twizy has a maximum range of 60 miles and a top speed of 50mph. Powered by a The 7kWh lithium-ion battery that takes 3 and a half hours to fully charge, and costs less than £3 each time.

The Twizy comes in 2 versions, the Urban (£6,950 OTR) and the Technic (£7,400 OTR) and will be available from March 2012.

In addition to the price, battery hire is £45 per month (based on 3 years / 4,500 miles per year), but there is no road tax and if you live in London, no Congestion Charge.

Design a Twizy

All entries will be whittled down to ten, and then people will get a chance to vote for their favourite on the Renault Facebook page.

You can download the template of the car from in any format you like, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop etc. Just get your entry back to them before the 20th Feb.

Good luck!