What to Pack for Moving Abroad!

Let’s be completely honest, we underestimate how much stuff we own, and if you are relocating abroad, it is not practical or financially possible to bring all your worldly possessions. Figuring out what to leave and to pack is a daunting process and can be very overwhelming. So, this guide should make it easier!

Deciding what to take when moving overseas is a balancing act of space and money. While it may be cheaper to move with carry-on luggage only, you may end up spending a fortune replacing all of your stuff, and if you bring too much without doing the right research, you may end up spending a fortune on shipping fees for things you do not have the room for! Overwhelming, to say the least!

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So, this is a big one, is it worth considering taking your car abroad? Having your vehicle shipped to another country will indeed cost you money; however, the investment may still be worth it in the end. One pro is that you won’t have to sacrifice convenience. You can arrange things in such a way as to have your car already waiting for you when you reach the destination country and then start using it straight away without having to rely on public transportation. 

However, the biggest drawback can be the price to pay for transportation. For example, shipping your car across the United States can cost $1080! So it really depends on personal preference. Is it worth leaving your car behind because of shipping costs, or are the shipping costs worth the convenience?

Gadgets and Electronics

It is more than likely that your laptop, digital cameras, tablets, or video consoles will be going with you on your journey. Most of these items are expensive but pretty portable, so it makes sense to take them with you. However, you will need to do a little research beforehand, as in addition to figuring out your new country’s plugs and sockets, you will need to figure out the voltage. You can find this information on the plug or somewhere on the item itself (usually near where the power cord goes into it.) 

Many modern electronics accept a range of voltages and hertz, so you can use them with an adapter, another thing to add to the shopping list. 

Technically, you can bring electronics with different voltages, but you will need to use a transformer or converter rather than an adapter. This will cause your stuff to wear out much faster, and you run the risk of electrical shortages and fires. It’s better to leave those items behind and replace them in your new country.

Kitchen Essentials

The kitchen is a very tricky area on the moving abroad packing list, especially if you are someone who loves to cook. Ultimately it might be best to bring very little from the kitchen. Heavy or fragile items like plates and casserole dishes don’t need to be packed, and small things like sauce bowls and cutlery are easy to replace. 

Sentimental Items

Art, sentimental belongings, and family heirlooms may be very difficult to leave behind, so why should you? These items are irreplaceable, and if you are moving permanently, you will want to take them with you. A professional international moving company can safely and securely pack up your items or overseas transports. 

Important Documents

This should go without saying, documents such as marriage certificates, legal paperwork, and insurance documents. Entry documents are also important because you will not make it very far without your passport and applicable visa. 

Every country has its own set of entry rules, so be sure to research them before moving. For example, you may need a letter proving you have to bring your child to another country. You should pack other legal documents, including wills, house sale documents or rental check out, final utility bills, and tax documents. Medical records, pet health records (if you have any pets), immunization records are also important. 


If you are moving into furnished accommodation, you certainly don’t need to take furniture, and what you already own can be put into storage or even sold! Even if you are moving into an unfurnished place, it will almost certainly be more cost-effective to sell your furniture and buy new when you move. However, you may have a few sentimental items such as a chair or antique piece of furniture that you don’t want to part with, then you can speak to an international removals company about this abroad with you. 


Moving abroad is not a good time to test your health, so if you are on certain medication or used to taking over-the-counter medication, make sure to get as large a supply as possible. Finding medicines from a doctor who can prescribe your medication when moving abroad can be difficult, and you will want plenty of time to find one, so stock up in preparation. It is also good to carry a first aid kit, iodine tablets for water purification is also a good idea. 


Packing items like socks and underwear goes without being said. However, it is a good idea to check the weather for each season to plan accordingly. For example, there is no point packing summery items when it will be cold all year round. 

If luggage space is an issue, then it is a good idea to look for packable alternatives to bulky items, such as a down jacket that will pack much smaller than a sweater. 

Look for items you can happily sacrifice and rebuy when you have moved, but make sure you have enough basic things for a while you move and settle. Basic items can include but are not restricted to Thermal long sleeve shirts, quick-drying t-shirts, dress clothes, rain jackets, walking shoes. 

Packing for an international move can be overwhelming. Hopefully, this list will help keep in mind some of the essentials. It is always better to start early, and if you do not have what you need, you can buy it before you go. Then start thinking about how you are going to get it there. 

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