Things to know before travelling to Dubai

Dubai is the richest city in the world. It is full of culture, old architects and many modern things. The culture of Dubai is disciplined, but you may have multiple questions while visiting this place, like how should you dress? Can you drink alcohol there? Can you explore the city at night? You will get the answer to all the questions in this blog. As far as flights are concerned, you can get flights for Dubai from all the countries. Like if you are looking for a Pakistan to Dubai flight, you will surely get it with ease. Likewise, search for a direct flight to Dubai from your country, and most probably, you can avail of it. 

Following are some tips to know the things before travelling to Dubai. 

Visit in between October to April

In Dubai, there are two seasons only. The first is hot and the second is extremely hot. That’s why you should visit in between October to April because these are the winter seasons in Dubai. The sky will be blue at this time, and it will be the perfect weather for the beach.

Book flights six months earlier

International Airlines Dubai releases the cheapest seats six months earlier, and it will book within a second. So it is sober to book earlier and start comparing the prices.

Do hotel bookings in advance.

Make sure you have a nice place to stay; otherwise, you will face staying problems because October to April is the best time to visit Dubai. So it is better to book a hotel three months before.

Show respect to everyone during Ramadan.

You should respect all the Muslims and their practice of fasting if you are visiting Dubai during the holy months of Ramadan. Ramadan is celebrated in the 9th month of the 12-month Islamic calendar. It is the purest and the holiest festival in Dubai.

Dress properly

In Dubai, women’s dressing will be considered indecent if it is skin revealing and too short, and the rule is men are not allowed to walk around without a shirt off, just on a walk with a shirt on. You should dress well, and you won’t get any unwanted attention.

Take permissions before capturing the photo.

You should never take a photo with a stranger without permission; otherwise, it will create an issue for you. There is no problem taking scenic photos but never taking a photo with Muslim women without her permission and don’t take any photos of airports, Government Buildings, and Military Bases because it is against its law.


Waiter tips aren’t more expected in Dubai, but many restaurants add a tip to the bill. Normally, tips are given to Luggage carriers and supermarket baggers and not for the taxi drivers.

Be aware of PDA

PDA means Public Displays Affection. It can not be very kind in Dubai. Many tourists are arrested and offended by the police because of PDA. You should be on the safe side. It will be great for you. 

Be aware of the place where you take any alcohol.

Alcohol is a legal thing in Dubai, but you can’t drink in public because of the strict rules of Dubai. Without the permit, you can’t be able to buy alcohol there. You should only buy alcohol from a well-established shop which has a license. 

Make sure that you are aware of these tips before visiting Dubai. Dubai is the city of rules and regulations. Even if the rules are different and not like your home city, don’t be afraid to visit there. Dubai has a lot to see, many amazing modern places and mesmerizing old sculptures.

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