What to Eat, See and Do in Sicily

The largest Mediterranean island, the ball to Italy’s boot, home of The Godfather but so much more than that, Sicily is a popular destination with many travellers and holidaymakers.

Expect scenic views and an abundance of culture wherever you go, whether it’s the capital city Palermo or out into one of the various villages dotted around the countryside. If you’re hoping to book a trip to Sicily then here are some of the best things to eat, see and do.


You can’t go to Sicily and not fall in love with the fantastic cuisine. From the classic pizzas and pastas to plenty of seafood-based dishes, sorbetto and gelato, each region of the island is home to its own specialities. There’s a fine choice of eateries across Sicily, with some of the best including:


* Trattoria Piccolo Napoli (Palermo): Straightforward Sicilian cuisine done perfectly, full of fresh seafood pasta dishes.
* Giarre (Le Serre): Close to the foot of Mt. Etna, this is a great stop for calzones and pizza before trekking around the area.
* Dolceria Corrado Costanzo (Noto): For a traditional sweet treat, the city of Noto is famous for serving up the best gelato and this place is one of the finest.


Despite being part of Italy, Sicily is home to three Greek temple complexes in the west and south of the island. Agrigento is arguably the best, with two almost complete temples and three partially reconstructed others.
Much of the finest things to see in Sicily revolve around history and the Roman mosaics a few miles south of Piazza Armerina (below) are further testament to this. The floors of the villa are a large composition of colours that show scenes of animals, hunting, circuses and more.


Walking around the foothills of Mt. Etna is a must for any visitors to Sicily. As Europe’s largest active volcano, it’s truly a sight to behold. Though if you don’t fancy getting too close to it, simply visiting the nearby Taormina will provide some spectacular views.

Visit some of the top fashion boutiques in Sicily if that’s your passion. From the vintage Magazzini Anita in Palermo, that specialises in 1970s and 80s fashion, to the luxury shoe and handbag store of Sorelle Mazzullo in Taormina, you’ll be spoilt for choice in any of the cites or big towns when seeking authentic Sicilian fashion.

This is just the start, with so many more things to eat, see and do in Sicily. Let us know of any hidden gems you’ve found in the comments.