Groom Yourself: Fashion Tips For Men On Their Wedding Day

It’s not just the bride who needs to look good on their wedding day – as the groom, you need to be the most suavely dressed man there, which means putting just as much effort into your appearance. Here are some tips for dressing the part on your special day that will help you to impress your guests – and most importantly, your bride-to-be.

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Choose the dress code

It’s the bride and groom who traditionally set the dress code, so consider whether you want to opt for a full tuxedo, a smart casual look or something completely different. You need to match the formality of your bride – whilst you don’t have to see your partner’s dress before the special day, you should talk to them thoroughly beforehand to get an idea of the formality they’re after. You may also want to consider a colour scheme.

Consider getting your suit tailored

A wedding is a special occasion that deserves a special outfit – this could be the only time you splash out on a tailored suit, but it will be worth it. Companies such as Colmore Tailors can create bespoke suits to fit your measurements so that you’re not stuck wearing something too baggy or too short. Make sure to get this sorted out long in advance so that the tailor has enough time before your wedding to craft your suit.

Accessorise your outfit

Once you’ve settled on a suit, you should then consider the accessories. Will you have a tie, a bow tie, a cravat or no neckwear at all? Will you be wearing a flower boutonniere on your suit? You could even look into getting custom cufflinks made for the occasion as available from Cufflinks Depot – these could have your partners initials on or could be related to something the two of your love.

Shine your shoes

You also deserve to have shiny shoes on your wedding day – consider spending time shining these a couple days before so that you’re not rushing to do it on the morning of your wedding. Many grooms prefer to buy a new pair of shoes for their wedding day to cut out the hassle of having to do this.

Get a haircut

A couple days before your wedding, you may also want to get a fresh cut so that you’re looking trim for your special day. You probably don’t want to experiment with anything too wild – you want to feel comfortable on your wedding day and if you’re still getting used to a new cut you’ll be self-conscious of it. You may even want to consider some extra grooming such as getting your eyebrows threaded or getting a professional razor cut so that you’re completely clean shaven. Take your time to research into this beforehand.