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Amsterdam has been going through something of a rebirth in recent times, the Red Lights, Coffee Houses and Stag-do’s are still there, but they’re fading and now Amsterdam’s long and vibrant culture roots (that have always been there) are coming ever closer to the forefront of the visitor experience and the place is all the better for it.

I’ve just spent two days in the sun in Amsterdam people watching, relaxing and dipping a very small cultural toe into a very big artistic pond (or should that be canal). If you are looking for some more detailed perspectives on Amsterdam generally, have a look here. If you want some info on a nice place to stay, keep reading…

The Toren

Nestled within two meticulously restored 17th-century buildings, this charming boutique hotel offers an exquisite experience that seamlessly blends history with modern comforts. With a selection of 40 uniquely designed rooms, the hotel provides an enchanting retreat for discerning travellers.

Each room boasts its own distinctive decor, providing a sense of individuality and charm. Whether you’re treated to captivating views of the tranquil Keizersgracht canal, glimpses of the hotel’s serene interior gardens, or architectural marvels of neighboring buildings, every aspect of your stay is meticulously curated to inspire and delight.

For an unparalleled level of luxury, indulge in the opulence of the Royal Suite. This exclusive retreat features an open-plan sitting area, exuding elegance and grandeur. Setting itself apart from other accommodations in Amsterdam, The Toren provides the rare indulgence of a private jacuzzi bath—an exquisite amenity that allows you to relax and rejuvenate in utmost comfort.

The Lounge Bar (below) serves as the beating heart of The Toren, offering a refined setting where guests can gather, connect, and unwind. Begin your day with a breakfast or enjoy a cocktail as the evening unfolds. There is also a small, but sensible menu of meals and an array of small dishes, platters, and canapés from the carefully curated bar menu to enjoy.

As the morning sun rises, the Lounge Bar transforms into a welcoming breakfast room. A made to order breakfast buffet awaits, fuel up for the day ahead and embark on your Amsterdam explorations feeling nourished and energised.

Talking of energised, during your stay allow yourself the luxury of an in-room massage, choose from a range of massages treatments including Deep Tissue or Swedish massage, Reflexology/Foot Massage, Lymphatic Drainage and Aromatherapy massage, just ask at reception.

Where To Go

The Toren is located right on the edge of the Jordaan district, a delightful neighbourhood just minutes from the main tourist areas in the heart of Amsterdam. Just around the corner is the historic house of Anne Frank, but here there is a more peaceful and serene atmosphere. Its narrow alleys, tree-lined canals adorned with 17th-century houses, and a mix of quirky specialty shops, cozy cafes, and designer boutiques create a special ambiance away from the hustle and bustle of other areas.

The origin of the district’s name comes from the French word for garden, “Jardin”, as many streets in the area are named after plants and flowers and it feels like Amsterdam’s own Greenwich Village, evoking a sense of Dutch bohemian charm and artistic flair.

Life imitating Art

There’s no more proof than the fact that the current retrospective of Vermeer at the Rijksmuseum is completely sold out and you can’t get a ticket for love nor money (I have tried both ways). Luckily there are plenty of other cultural options that ARE available to see in Amsterdam right now including the incredible World Press Photo exhibition only a few minutes walk from the The Toren hotel at De Nieuwe Kerk, Dam Square.

The exhibition showcases some of the photography from the 66th annual World Press Photo Contest and also on display are past winners of the award. It is impossible not to be moved by the collection and it serves as a strong testament to the brave journalists who risk their lives every day in search of the truth.

2023 Photo Contest, World Press Photo of the Year: Mariupol Maternity Hospital Airstrike by Evgeniy Maloletka.

Perhaps it is only fitting that The Toren is hosting a special exhibition too by local sculptor artist Ramon Schalkx until the Autumn. Several of his sculptures are on display in the public areas and discovering each one is a pleasure. Look out for an interview with the artist himself on the website very soon.

While the City continues its cultural evolution, The Toren Hotel is a beautiful fusion of warmth, charm, and luxury, offering a stay that resonates with sophistication in one of the nicest areas of Amsterdam.

The Pavilions Amsterdam, The Toren. Keizersgracht 164, 1015 CZ
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