Travel: Rixos Premium, Dubrovnik

At the time of writing, Dubrovnik is a happy place to be. Its unique charms mean there are no shortage of visitors even in the last throws of the Summer season.

Fort Lovrijenac from the city walls of Dubrovnok

End Of Summer
I’m here in late October, and the warm sun is still shining (well, for half of the time anyway), and even on the greyer days, its city walls and stormy sea are an impressively dramatic backdrop. Recently Dubrovnik has seem an extra influx of guests seduced here by its connection to the hugely popular Game of Thrones TV show. Many of its most famous scenes were filmed within the city walls, and there are now as many GOT tours here as there are historical ones.

There’s too much to say about Dubrovnik in just one article, so as I’m here as a guest of the Rixos Premium, I’ll keep this article focused on the hotel and publish another one on the many wonderful things and fascinating about Dubrovnik and the stunning surrounding area (there are many).

Rixos from above

About Rixos Premium
Rixos Premium is a Turkish chain of luxury hotels with properties in locations such as Egypt, UAE, Montenegro, Qatar, and Kazakhstan, and of course, Dubrovnik.

The hotel is just a 15-minute walk from the Old Town, while the airport is also close, just a 25-minute drive away, and if you take a tour of the city walls of Dubrovnik, or the cable car to the top you’ll be able to clearly see the hotel just along the coastline. From a distance, its stepped-like construction gives it the appearance of an amphitheatre, and it’s one of the more modern landmarks in Dubrovnik.

There are 310 guest rooms, many offering sweeping panoramas of the beautiful Adriatic Sea, with a range of accommodations to suit your needs (and budget). From a classic room with wooden floors and bathtub, to a Deluxe Room with an open terrace, and gorgeous sea views, all the way to the recently renovated Presidential Suite housing every luxury you will ever need.

All rooms are clean, bright, modern and airy. Couple all this with an array of opulent facilities crafted to provide guests with an indulgent and inspiring experience, the Rixos Premium pretty much has everything a discerning traveller in search of a sophisticated and well-connected retreat would ever need.

Food at Rixos Premium, Dubrovnik

Where to eat?
At the Rixos Premium Dubrovnik, guests can enjoy a range of culinary experiences. The hotel’s team of chefs and sommeliers work diligently to serve a delicious mix of Croatian, Mediterranean, Turkish, and international dishes, along with a great selection of drinks to complement every meal.

There is no shortage of places to hang out in the hotel and even without the charms of Dubrovnik on your doorstep, in fact, it would be very easy to spend a long weekend here and take advantage of the spa and other facilities and never actually leave the hotel. Maybe it is the abundance of interior foliage, but there is a calm atmosphere inside.

Turquoise Restaurant
Some guests choose to stay half-board, which includes breakfast and dinner at Turquoise Restaurant (not alcohol). It is THE place for breakfast and there’s also an amazing buffet dinner experience with a HUGE range of delicious Mediterranean and Dalmatian cuisine. Sometimes when there is lots of choice, the quality can dip, but the food at Rixos Premium is fantastic! I loved the lemon, honey and ginger detox juice at breakfast along with fresh croissants, and the delicious Octopus Salad and fried squid for dinner, but there are so many dishes, the real problem is what to eat.

Umi Teppanyaki
The hotel has many delights, but the delightful six-course tasting menu at Umi Teppanyaki must surely be a highlight. Among the treats are soft and crispy duck gyoza, scallops, delectable sushi, and an exquisitely cooked steak that even won the heart of my discerning daughter. The chef, Pratap, not only impressed us with his culinary skills but also entertained us with his infectious enthusiasm and vibrant showmanship, adding a touch of flair to the dining experience. He is also a really nice guy!

Though we missed the chance to dine at the fish restaurant on the Libertas Terrace due to the intense waves sweeping over the space at the time, it’s definitely on our list for the next visit.

Where to hang out
For a more relaxed setting, the ground floor sports bar is the place to be, offering live screenings of all the major sporting events. There is also a sprawling, relaxed lobby bar complete with a talented piano player in the evenings that also has cosy nooks and spaces to unwind in and just enjoy the ambience. The hotel is built into the rock face, so the lobby of Rixos Premium Dubrovnik is on the street-level entrance, while also boasting an elevated position on the hotel’s 8th floor. The panoramic window and terrace afford a breathtaking view over the Adriatic Sea.

The view from the Hotel Lobby

Spa / Hamman / Swimming Pool

At the bottom of the Hotel, nestled discreetly on the ground floor lies a sanctuary devoted to the pursuit of well-being and tranquility. Awarded Croatia’s Best Hotel Spa for 2019, the Spa blends the timeless customs of Turkey seamlessly with contemporary luxury. It stands as a testament to the region’s vibrant cultural legacy, harmoniously weaving together ancient traditions and modern opulence.

The jewel of this sanctuary is the enchanting Turkish hammam, a graceful homage to the opulence of yesteryears rejuvenated for the present. Hammam exudes an ambiance of timeless splendour, inviting guests to partake in an authentic and invigorating Turkish bathing ritual, where therapeutic warmth and alluring fragrances conspire to weave an enchanting tapestry of sensations.

Complementing the hammam experience are many thoughtfully tailored treatments, designed to nurture the mind, body, and spirit. From revitalising massages, to rejuvenating facial treatments that’ll leave you with a luminous glow.

Venturing beyond the spa’s serene confines, an array of complimentary services awaits, including the invigorating solace of the Finnish sauna, the serene calm of the salt room, and the revitalising allure of the cold room.

Rixos Premium Dubrovnik emphasises the use of local ingredients in their treatments, keeping a connection with the surrounding community and the region’s vibrant cultural heritage. Infused with an unwavering attention to detail, it’s a revitalising experience definitely worth trying. Be warned, demand can be high for treatments, so book as early as possible.

Opposite the Spa is a fully equipped gym, table tennis tables, and a swimming pool that’s also a great place to unwind and just read a book too.

Tying the matrimonial knot is a very popular pastime in Dubrovnik and its big spaces mean the Hotel is also a regular choice for wedding receptions and other special occasions. There are many packages deals available and the hotel often has special guests and events happening such as Dino Merlin on New Year’s eve this year.

Overall, the Rixos Premium Dubrovnik’s wide open spaces and modern, cool ambience is the perfect compliment to the rustic charm of the old town of Dubrovnik (more on that soon). The Staff were really helpful and friendly, and standards are high in every area.

Getting to Dubrovnik
We flew to Dubrovnik from Gatwick with easyJet; flight time is approximately 2 hours 45 minutes, but you can also go with Wizz Air from Luton and other airlines depending on the time of the year. From talking to people in Dubrovnik, I think the perfect time of year to go could be around Mid-September when the crowds are a little lighter and the sun is really still warm and welcoming, but even at the end of October, it can be very nice and I was still able to wear shorts on a few days.

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