Movember: Good Mayo Mo’ Grooming Kit by Heinz

Good Mayo Mo’ Grooming Kit

Ladies and gentlemen, brace yourselves for a sensational ‘stache season because the month of the moustache is officially upon us! And guess what? Heinz Mayonnaise is riding to the rescue with its fantastic [Seriously] Good Mayo Mo’ Grooming Kit, specially crafted to tame those wild whiskers and keep you looking sharp.

No more mayo mishaps, no more food fiascos – just a well-groomed ‘tache that’s ready to steal the spotlight!

Hold on to your handlebars because this Movember, moustache aficionados are in for a treat. Thanks to a survey conducted by Censuswide, we’ve got the inside scoop on the trials and tribulations of ‘tache-growing.

Picture this: Google searches for ‘moustache grooming’ skyrocket by a whopping 105% every November since 2020. It’s the season when razors take a back seat, and mo-growers embark on a follicular adventure. But let’s face it, growing and maintaining that stylish upper-lip mane is no walk in the park. According to Censuswide’s findings, a staggering 67% of ‘tache-growers confess that it’s downright hard work. The culprit? Food getting stuck in the ‘tache, a pet peeve shared by 43% of our dapper mo’ bros.

But fret not, for Heinz has the ultimate solution – the Heinz [Seriously] Good Mayo Mo’ Grooming Kit! This limited-edition marvel includes a bespoke Heinz-branded comb, the silkiest of beard oils, and the freshest of wipes, all designed to keep your ‘tache in tip-top shape. And here’s the best part: it’s available for free! Yes, you heard that right.

Head over to right now, and you might just snag one of these must-have kits. But that’s not all – Heinz is generously donating £50 to men’s health charities for every kit given away. So, by grooming your ‘tache, you’re also supporting a great cause. It’s a win-win situation!

Sure, growing a moustache has its challenges. Itchy days, food fiascos, and the occasional upper-lip sweat can be a real hassle. But fear not, for resrach company Censuswide have revealed the top five best things about having a moustache, according to ‘tache-growers. First and foremost, it looks cool – a sentiment echoed by 49% of the dapper gentlemen out there.

Plus, it’s not just a facial accessory; it’s a canvas for creativity!
Thirty-three percent find it fun to style, and 23% believe it gives them a distinguished, older appearance. And let’s not forget the attention-grabbing power – 23% of mo’ bros agree that it helps them stand out in a crowd. Oh, and it’s a great conversation starter too – 22% find their ‘tache becomes the center of attention wherever they go.

So, fellow mo’ bros and ‘tache enthusiasts, let Heinz be your partner-in-crime this November. Say goodbye to mayo mishaps, embrace the mo’, and strut your stuff with confidence.

With Heinz [Seriously] Good Mayo Mo’ Grooming Kit by your side, your moustache will be the talk of the town. Happy mo’ growing!