Travel: Isla Holbox – A Yogi’s Paradise by Kaye O’Doherty

North of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula lies the beautiful island of Holbox. If you’re in search of easily-accessible tranquillity, Holbox, pronounced hol-bosh, is a paradise of calm. Travel via public transport from Cancún by booking a seat on an ADO bus to Chiquilá and take a ferry from there.

When you arrive, you’ll notice that there are no cars which means it’s the perfect place to hire a bike and cycle off into the sunset. Beautiful beaches and delicious seafood are in good supply, but if you’re wondering what next, the yoga studios in Holbox have much to offer. 

Finding classes on such a beautiful, remote island can be a fun and interesting way to explore. Listed in date order, rather than preference, these are the yoga studios I discovered. Hopefully you’ll be inspired to visit one or two if in the future you find yourself in Holbox.

First stop: Casa las Tortugas

This boutique hotel offers pool-side, morning yoga sessions. It’s stylish, serene and bursting with fun trinkets from giant shell-adorned dreamcatchers to mesmerising conch shell showers. An intimate group of seven joined the class (five hotel guests and two non-guests). Hotel guests get priority so if you’re not staying here arrive at reception 5 minutes before to ask if there’s space.

The yoga teacher began the class by drawing the curtains, but leaving the doors open, which allowed a nice breeze to flow through the room. Every detail seemed carefully considered as we were led through a Vinyasa flow. The teacher’s focus was on breathwork, and I loved her ‘move with peace’ mantra. 

Time and date of visit: 8am on Monday 18 April
Cost: 300 pesos (cash or card), £11.80 

Next up: Zomay

Yoga at Zomay takes place away from the beach on a rooftop twice daily at sunrise and sunset. The heat of the day must have put all of the hotel guests off because I was the only one in the class, but doing yoga just me and the teacher turned out to be a really special experience. I couldn’t believe my luck and kept peeking my eyes open to see the sunset through the leaves of the swaying palm trees. As the session went on, the teacher introduced scented oils and made adjustments.

I left feeling like the class had been tailored to me. Next, I headed to Zomay’s beach bar which was well worth a visit. Ask the friendly bartenders to whip you up a tasty cocktail or mocktail, and enjoy it while looking out at the ocean on one of the swings at the bar.

Time and date of visit: 5pm on Monday 18 April 
Cost: 300 pesos (cash), £11.80

Finally: Tribu hostel

You’ll find a leisurely pace here. This is where the biggest group of yogis gathered and a cute dog was present. A bring your dog to yoga policy seemed to apply in Holbox! When the class started, the teacher said the session would focus on posture, firstly body then face.

This sounded interesting to me. After a few exercises, it got a little wackier when she told us to hold our breasts and jump up and down 100 times. All in all, the session was hilarious. It was useful to have a class focused on posture, and the teacher at Tribu offered up a wildly new way of doing yoga.

Time and date of visit: 8am Tuesday 19 April 
Cost: 100 pesos (cash), £3.90

For such a small place, yoga in Holbox is definitely diverse! From swanky hotels to humble hostels, there’s a class waiting for you whatever your mood.

For me, practising yoga here provided a way to reset after travelling around the Yucatán. I hope with the help of this article you’ll be inspired to explore Holbox as well as some of its exciting and unusual yoga studios. Move with peace.

Kaye O'Doherty

Kaye O’Doherty is editorial assistant at The Week Junior magazine. She studied anthropology at Durham University, and she’s a lover of people, food, fashion and travel. You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter @kayeodoherty