Masseria San Domenico – The Heart of Puglia

Thalassotherapy is the name given to therapeutic treatments utilising the healing properties of sea water. Masseria San Domenico uses water taken from a stratum 400m below sea level that is filtered, purified and heated ready to use. Many  treatments are exclusive to the Spa and there is a varied choice of facials, scrubs, massages and services available to guests. I tried an amazing ‘Marine Scrub’ exfoliation massage with a cocktail of sea salt and 90 oligo elements.

Another popular treatment is ‘Thalatherm’, where the body is covered with a layer of crushed seaweed and then warmed with seawater steam for 15 minutes. A recent addition, ‘Douche d’affussion’ is a four-handed (two person) massage under a shower of seawater.  The pool in the Spa is smaller than the huge one outside (more on that later) but the setting is so nice it’s perfectly conducive to relaxation.


Downstairs the treatment rooms use lighting to great effect and levels of indulgence are capped only by your sense of adventure and the limit on your credit card. Men aren’t forgotten either, for those with tennis elbow or the golf equivalent there are specifically designed treatments, such as a Carita ‘Fresh and Pure’ Relaxation facial.

The Hotel is also keen to promote and encourage not just Thalassotherapy, but also the philosophy behind the Mediterranean Diet. They work in consultation with an expert nutritionist, Dr Agostino Grassi and the health benefits (including lower cholesterol and blood pressure) of following this diet are well documented.

The diet even has a UNESCO-protected status and according to Dr Grassi, it’s all about utilising the actual lifestyle where recipes, traditional flavours and specialities from the South of Italy are followed. In other words if you live, love and eat like an Italian you might just live longer. As long as you don’t drive like one.