Britain Needs a Holiday (already)

A recent survey by Holiday Hypermarket shows that, despite summer being well and truly over, it hasn’t stopped us dreaming about our next holiday. But the depressing truth is few of us are going to get that holiday when we need it most.

Workers in London take twice as many holidays as Northerners, highlighting a regional disparity. The capital takes more holidays than anywhere else in the country, an average of 3.9 breaks a year, an increase of 3.3% from 2013. Londoners also took the most foreign holidays per person, 11% of Londoners took 4 or more foreign holidays in the last year. But compare that to the 2% in the East.

Why Britain Needs a Holiday

The trials of city life hit hardest it seems, as Londoners yearn to flee the smog as much as possible. On average Londoners earn more than the rest of the country, so can afford to get away, unlike 64% of those in the North West however.

But the North-South divide isn’t necessarily to blame, as the South East has the longest time on average since their last holiday, a depressing 13 months.