Tech Review: Pop Phone

It’s rare these days that you see an advert for something claiming to fulfill a certain need in your life, stating that it is the next big thing and that it actually ends up doing the job.

Well the Pop Phone from Native Union is one of those rare products.

I came across the Pop Phone in the 2nd edition of the rather fab Flush Magazine (hey, you can’t blame us for some blatant plugging can you?) and it caught my eye as something that could be useful to me. Basically the Pop Phone is a handset for your mobile device or for making Skype calls via a computer. Doesn’t sound that amazing when described like that but I can assure you this device really is rather cool once you get your hands on it.

native union pop phone

I work from home and spend a lot of time on conference calls via my Blackberry, I have tried various pairs of earbuds with integrated mics but have always found them wanting for one reason or another. It either sounds like you have your fingers in your ears when talking, or you have to scrabble around for them when the phone rings and end up missing the call. I yearned for a good old fashioned telephone handset, one you could just grab when the phone rings and hold between your head and shoulder (yes, I know it isn’t good for your posture but hey, life on the edge and all that).

I had a birthday on the horizon so the prospect of a new gadget was too good to miss out on. I opted for the black version but they come in a dazzling array of colours that includes dazzling gold bling, desert camouflage and polka dot. I am pleased to say you don’t get a thick instruction book or anything like that, the only thing you MIGHT need is an adapter for your device. Having said that it works out of the box with most of the widely used devices and there is a handy check tool on the Native Union website just in case.

Native union - Pop PhoneI had the handset out of the box, plugged into my phone and ringing a mate to test it out within two minutes. The handset has that classic 50’s Bakelite styling and feels good with a ‘luxurious soft-touch texture’ – kinda rubbery but not if that makes any sense at all. A sturdy flex style cable joins handset to phone, just long enough for me to pop the phone in my pocket as I wander around the house on a call while spying on the neighbours and watching the local cats use my garden as a toilet.

Most importantly for a handset though is the sound, which is crisp and clear; both for the user and the person at the other end of the call. It also features a nifty little button on the underside of the handle, which on my Blackberry mutes the call but when used in conjunction with an iPhone the button will activate Siri, so you can get that annoying voice to tell you the time in Milan or the weather in Mongolia.

Personally I can find no fault with this at all, it really does do exactly what it says it claims and extremely well too I might add. Factor in the fact it only costs £24.99 AND that you will be as cool as Daniel Craig and you can’t go far wrong. (pictured right)

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Neither Phil or FTF received any financial returns for writing this feature (he loves it that much).

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