Record review: Pierce the Veil – Collide with the Sky

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‘Collide With The Sky’ is post hardcore band Pierce The Veil’s third studio album, and first with new label Fearless Records. While it doesn’t quite have the originality of their debut release ‘A Flair For The Dramatics’, it picks up from where their last album ‘Selfish Machines’ left us.

Beginning with a prelude that has delusions of grandeur befitting an early My Chemical Romance record, things kick off in earnest with ‘Hell Above’, a track that sounds like a radio friendly, watered down version of Pierce the Veil from five years ago.

Thankfully they regain their viciousness on ‘Bulls In The Bronx’ which sounds like a glamorous Billy Talent and the single ‘King For A Day’ (which features Sleeping With Sirens Kellin Quin) with the added catchy courses and helium screams. Quinn is an somewhat underused and unnecessary element, unlike LetLive’s Jason Butler who’s appearance on ‘Tangled In The Great Escape’ makes this a stand out track (despite suspiciously sounding like Letlive’s Muther).

There are moments in there, sometimes hidden, where you can see the technical skill that has gone into making this record, and suddenly they stop being another Warped Tour band with a screaming lead singer which cool hair. The lyrics are quite beautiful and I would recommend plugging in the earphones and listening past the heavy strumming.

An honourable mention goes to ‘I’m low on Gas and you need a jacket’, which is ‘Collide with the Sky’s’ version of the ‘slow dance at the end of the night’. It’s probably the closest we get to ‘Yeah Boy and Doll Face’, which for me still stands as PTV’s finest moment.

For a band trying to break the European market, (they headline their first UK tour in the autumn) the Californians seem to have watered down the hardcore angst on this record. Old fans will probably find enough hardcore to keep them happy, while it also contains enough melody to win over a few All Time Low/ Paramore Radio-friendly-Pop-Punk-kids in the process.

Pierce the Veil – Collide with the sky is out now on Fearless Records
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