Mad Catz and an Englishman

Bespoke EVOIf you’ve got money in the bank just waiting to be spent on taking your gaming experience up a notch, and you haven’t heard of Mad Catz, you’re missing out. Mad Catz are a family of manufacturing brands that together make some of the best gaming peripherals out there – and Flush the Fashion was lucky enough to be invited to their grand unveiling of some of their sweet new gear.

The first kits to be shown were also the most visually striking – the full-sized Evo Retro Arcade Systems from Bespoke Arcades. Built to look exactly like the quarter-eating machines of old, these aren’t just a quirky addition to one’s home. The Evo is, on the inside, a fully state-of-the-art gaming system with 350 arcade classics built-in, from Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter to Space Invaders, all on a gorgeous 28” full HD screen.

On top of this, the Evo Media Edition has Windows 7 installed, WiFi connectivity, and PS3 controller compatibility.

To prove that the Evo isn’t just for show, three-time Street Fighter world champion Ryan Hart was present to show us the arcade in action – and I’m not afraid to admit he showed me who was boss. Providing you can afford it, this will act as a stylish gaming ‘hub’ for your home, and it works like a dream.

Next on the cards were the Saitek Pro Flight Cessna Yoke, a PC peripheral built for flight simulators such as FS-X, Lock-on 2 and X-Plane. While I couldn’t tell you how closely it resembles a real cockpit station, it certainly looks the part, with several optional additions such as pedals and speed/fuel counters as well as the basic steering yoke.

Saitek Pro Flight Cessna Yoke System

All put together, it becomes an assembly so realistic that it’s currently being used as real pilot training. Again, this is one of the most expensive kits that Mad Catz are offering, but it’s certainly amongst the most impressive.

Lastly, we checked out some brand new gear from Cyborg Gaming – namely the FREQ5 Surround Sound Headset and RAT7 Mouse while blasting some heads on the Counter Strike: GO beta.

freq 5The FREQ5 was a joy – a deafening joy – to use, and as an FPS veteran myself I can vouch for its superb ability to track who is coming at you, and where from. While its design isn’t the most secure, it’s hard to knock it’s cracking sound quality.

Design wasn’t an issue, however, for the RAT7 mouse. Responsive, fast and a host of easy customisation options made it a killing machine. If you need a new mouse in preparation for Counter Strike dropping in August, this is a great deal for £65.

Upon leaving, Mad Catz were also keen for us to take home and try out the Tritton Detonator headset.
Look out for a review on the way.

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