Tech Review: Samsung SH100 Camera

samsung sh100 Camera

I like this camera. It’s not going to turn you into David Bailey or Helmut Newton overnight, but if you want having something in your pocket you can take a reasonably decent quick snap with for around £100, and then share it with your friends, it could be exactly what you are looking for.

The Samsung SH100 is a 14megapixel compact camera, small enough to take anywhere. It will also record 720p HD video. First of you are going to need a SD card as the built-in internal 6.9meg memory will let you take just one full size pic (I picked up a 4gig card online for less than £5).

Probably the standout feature of the SH100 is the built in Wi-Fi capabilities. This means you can take a pic and email it to anyone straight from the camera (or back it up to your computer).

Samsung-SH100 ReviewYou need to connected to a Wi-Fi network, but it is quick and easy and the pic comes through straight away (unlike some devices that take ages before the email turns up).

You can also upload pics straight to your Facebook (and Picassa) accounts too. I think they missed a trick by not adding Twitpic, or some way of adding a pic to a twitter account, but it’s possible to get round it by syncing your FB account to your twitter (google it).

If you have an Android Smartphone there is also a cool app that will let you use your smartphone as a remote control for your SH100. It’s not something you are going to use that much but is great for capturing wildlife and another ‘extra’ usually seen on more expensive models.

I took it to Thrigby Wildlife Park near GT Yarmouth to see how it coped in the wild…..