Product review: Quincy Jones AKG Q460 Headphones

AKG Q460 HeadphonesIf you are looking for some quality in-ear phones look out next week as we review two sets of the best out there, in the meantime we had a look (and listen) at a pair of Quincy Jones series AKG Q460‘s.

Quincy Jones’s name has been synonymous with good music for over 50 years. His achievements are too great to list, but I am sure you may know he produced Michael Jackson’s best selling records ‘Thriller’ and ‘Off the Wall’, and is a genuine walking, talking, musical LEGEND.

So with that in mind it’s fair to say he knows a thing or two about music and is not going to endorse any old set of headphones.

Step forward the AKG Quincy Jones series, 3 different headphones for 3 different environments. The AKG Q701’s a top of the range studio quality pair, the AKG Q350’s are in ear phones for when your out and about, and the ones we tested the Q460’s.

The Q460’s come in 3 colours (black, white and a cool green) and I have been wearing them at home almost non stop over the last few weeks.

I listen to alot of music and as you would expect from something with Quincy’s name on them they are of the highest quality.

Last week I bought the new Radiohead record put these on and spent 40 glorious minutes listening to the music how it should be heard, not through a crappy speaker on a computer.

Instead of analysing it for too much bass or treble I found myself just listening to the music, and hearing it the way the band and producer Nigel Godrich had intended it to sound.

It sounded great and I am sure this is something Quincy Jones would have been strongly aware of when developing this series.

The phones fold down completely flat so if you sit on them by accident you won’t hear a horrible cracking sound. The connection cable is detachable and there is also a built-in mic so you can use them on your iPhone or similar device. Top stuff!

For those of you technically minded here are the specs..
Type: Closed-back, dynamic headphones
Efficiency: 126 dB/V
Impedance: 30Ω
Frequency range: 8 Hz to 24 kHz
Max. input power: 30 mW
Cable: Single-sided, 99.99% oxygen-free detachable cable

Overall. worthy of the name of Quincy Jones and recommendations don’t come much higher than that.
Nine out of 10