Sean M

Ghost – Sheffield O2 Academy

In the twilight of 2010 sepulchral Swedish cardinals Ghost delivered their primordial decree Opus Eponymous. Since then their noxious gospels, suffused with gloom and…

Kongh – Sole Creation

Released on Agonia Records, Kongh’s third LP is a devastating slab of melodic doom drawing influence from black, death and sludge metal, and with Cult of Luna’s Magnus Lindberg handling production, Kongh have never sounded so good.

Apocryphon – The Sword

For Apocryphon, The Sword elected to strip away the narrative and conceptual elements that strengthened its predecessor. Frontman J.D. Cronise stated the band would forgo complex sci-fi storytelling in favour of topics more metaphorically reflective of their own experiences. Thankfully Apocryphon doesn’t suffer from this lack of narrative nuance.

Live Review: Fu Manchu – Ruby Lounge, Manchester

Manchester has little in common with California. Beasley Street’s dirty days seem a far cry from Hollywood Boulevard, where the sun never stops shining. But in the dark basement of the Ruby Lounge, Fu Manchu took to the stage and battered Manchester with a psych-laden sandstorm straight from the desert plains of Southern California.

Review: Baroness – Yellow & Green

Throughout their career Baroness have never lingered. Just as Red refined the sounds of the band’s EPs, Blue smoothed Red’s rougher edges and drew influence from further afield. The trajectory of Baroness’ career suggests their new effort, Yellow & Green, will be more welcoming of influences from outside its previously explored sonic territory.