Darwin & The Dinosaur: Romulus

Darwin & The Dinosaur are, apart from being one of the most fabulously titled bands ever are a five piece outfit from Flush The Fashion’s very own hometown of Norwich. With 3 releases already behind them ‘Romulus’ is their latest offering.

Darwin and the dinosuar

As a whole ‘Romulus’ has this rare talent of being very noisy without being ‘noisy’. Follow? Each and every track here is full of life.‘Mow Mow’ has huge vocals accompanied by equally large guitars. But there is also melody streaming throughout this track without it ever losing pace and ferocity. Single ‘Liebe’ is more of the same but with added dance qualities and is complete enough to be played on Kerrang and XFM and sound right at home.

With phenomenal choruses often comes the curse of non-existent verses, thankfully D.a.t.D don’t suffer from this affliction and there is enough energy within all seven efforts to have you bouncing off the walls from start to finish.

Don’t confuse fun for stupidity though, ‘Romulus’ also comes packing with razor-sharp lyrics. ‘F*ck You & the Horse Your Road in on’ tells us ‘I’m here and I did it my way, the only way to get things done’. A statement that irrespective of which walk of life you come from is indisputably true, here it is the insight of being an underground music act.

One criticism is perhaps that at only 17 minutes long it is over before it starts if you aren’t paying attention, but if that is the case you’ll just have to listen again. I don’t think you’ll mind.

For more info visit https://en-gb.facebook.com/darwinandthedinosaur