Race the Sun by Flippily

Gaming Review: Race the Sun by Flippfly

There are a few things that can make people play games nonstop. It could be the storyline, nostalgia, gameplay, whatever. But there’s one sort of game out there that knows how to draw the player in: The ones so addictive, you can’t help but say “just one more go…”

And that is exactly how I felt when I played Race the Sun, which was developed and published by Flippfly.

Film Review: The Armstrong Lie

Gibney has a exemplary list of very credible documentaries on his CV at this stage. In 2008 he nearly tarnished that talent when he took up the subject of covering Lance Armstrong who had decided to come back to the world of professional cycling tournaments, having seemingly retired after ‘winning’ the Tour de France a record seven consecutive times.

Out of The Furnace - Film Review

Film Review: Out Of The Furnace

Once again advertisements for movies are doing a disservice, if not indeed, the movie goer. The one I saw for director Scott Cooper’s new work ‘Out Of The Furnace’ bore little resemblance for the overtly brooding aggressive movie that I had seen.

Live at Leeds 2014

Live AT Leeds – Preview

Recently Yorkshire’s very own SXSW (Sort of) has become a staple for the opening of the summer’s festival season and 2014 is no different as Live At Leeds returns once more from the 2nd-5th May.

Pixies: Magdelena

This is the video from The Pixies, “Magdelena”, from ‘EP-2’ released on 3rd January.. It was directed by Judy Jacob, the same person responsible for the films that went along with the 2009-2011 “Doolittle” world tour. The video stars innovative British dance/theatre/performance artist Nando Messias.

Damien Jurado: Review of Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son

Damien Jurado: Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son

Flush was fortunate enough to see Damien Jurado perform a very intimate acoustic pre-Christmas solo show in London’s St Pancras Old Church. It couldn’t have been more stripped back other than the guitar on his knee, the contemplative richness of his voice, and the resonance of the church acoustics.

The Last Passenger on DVD

Win one of three Last Passenger DVD’s

After catching the last train home leaving London, things are going well to start with for Lewis (Scott) and he gets chatting to the beautiful Sarah (Kara Tointon – The Sweeney). However, when a vengeful sociopath hijacks the train the journey turns into a nightmare ride as the remaining passengers attempt to work together to survive the death ride destined for destruction.

jack Ryan Shadow Recruit Review Jan 2014

Film Review: Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit represents Paramount’s attempt to reboot the Tom Clancy-created character for the big screen, in the obvious hope that he can be their very own gay marriage of James Bond and Jason Bourne; a gestalt globule of clean-cut action-espionage goodness.

WIN – Force of Execution on DVD or Blu-Ray

Crime lord Mr. Alexander (Steven Seagal – Maximum Conviction), after years of sitting at the throne of a powerful underworld empire, decides it’s finally time to go straight. However, things won’t be that simple when another drug boss, known only as Ice Man (Ving Rhames – Pulp Fiction), is set on making a name for himself at Alexander’s expense.

Only Lovers Left Alive – Trailer

Legendary Director Jim Jarmusch’s latest film Only Lovers Left Alive stars Imelda Staunton and Tom HIddlestone as a Vampire Husband and Wife, with John Hurt and Mia Wasikowska, in supporting roles. Nominated for the Palme d’Or at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival the film is released in the UK on Feb 21st 2014.

Trailer: Cuban Fury

Cuban Fury – The movie is release on Feb14th 2014 in the UK by StudioCanal

Film Review: 12 years a slave

The year before last I read an article about Shame and promptly went to see it. It completely knocked me sideways. Emotionally exhausting, but mesmerising.