Street Smart Poker by Alexis Savvides

Scotty-NguyenI would like to start this article in the comedic words of Scotty Nguyen…. “146 players – 145 suckers”.

It’s true, most of us at one point or another are suckers, where we could have had taken a wiser course of action that the one we had actually taken. In retrospect, all we can do is feel jealous for the people who actually took advantage of the situation and try to “smart-up” for the future.

If your playing in a “free roll” poker tournament as your reading this article, close the table, exit your poker client and read this article. If your still feeling like free rolling after, heh, well I guess that’s your choice to make not mine.

I came up with the ideal for this article whilst accidentally clicking the Freeroll button in the tournament section in Poker Stars. What I witnessed was indeed quite humorous.

Tens of thousands of people waiting for tournament registration to open, just so the can reserve a seat in the next freeroll. And all for what? A share of a $3 prize pool? Some of you may argue that you join freerolls just for the fun of it, but please, lets not forget that time is money, don’t waste it on stupid things!

By this moment, a large percentage of you are probably thinking the same thing. If I had the money available, I wouldn’t be playing freerolls. But now think about this: What would you say If I gave you $50 to play around with in your account. Would you still be playing those stupid freerolls? Of course, I’m personally not going to send each and every one of you a $100 top up in your poker account, as much as I love you, my readers! But did you know this?

Many poker sites will PAY YOU to join their site! No Deposit Needed

Yes, you head me loud and clear. And if you’re wondering why you have never heard about this before, sorry to say, but you just didn’t have the “street-smarts”. So this is how it works, in simple economics: Most poker sites earn a ridiculous amount of revenue, much they must invest back into marketing in order to maintain a constant supply of fresh players. All websites offer freerolls and loyalty programs, but some websites go one step further, by giving new players a starting bankroll in order to get a feel for their poker client, and potentially turn you into a regular customer.

The trick is, that these poker websites will not give you the offer directly, and this is why you may not of heard about this before. The out-source this kind of marketing to major affiliate websites, where you have to register at a 3rd party website before actually registering for a poker account. These websites may ask you to complete a short quiz or something stupid like that, but trust me, it usually only takes a couple of minutes. Then all you have to do is way 1 or 2 days until your account can be confirmed and just like that, the money is in your account. Smart – isn’t it?

Some websites will offer you $10, others $50, but if you put some time and effort in to it, I assume that you will be able to find at least $500 worth of deposits straight into your poker accounts. It might be spread here and there , $10 at one poker site, $30 in the other etc. etc. but still, come on, its $500 – out of nothing!


So by now your probably thinking to your self, sounds interesting, where do I sign up? Well to be honest theres probably hundreds of sites providing this service, but if you want a little more advice from someone more experienced I would definitely recommend PokerStrategy as a place to start. It’s the market leader in poker affiliation and guaranties you a $50 deposit in a poker room of your choice within 48 hours, after only completing a simple quiz, made up of 20 poker-related questions.

Plus, the answers to the questions can be found in the site it-self, so don’t think i’m talking about anything challenging. I personally recommend you join this site ASAP, but it doesn’t mean you should restrict your self to only their offers!

Some of the sites will give you the money with no-strings attached, whilst others will require you for example to play a minimum number of hands or earn a minimum number of loyalty points before you can cash out your “hard earned money”, so this is my advice. Register in as many sites you can to get the maximum amount of free money you can, read specifics on each bonus and write down what you have to do in order to clear the money, and then grind your bankroll at small reasonable stakes until you achieve your goal.

Still thinking about those pesky freerolls?

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