Chris Levick – The Australian Satellite King

Chris LevickChris Levick is a Pro player based in Australia and a pioneer in the scene ‘Down Under’ since 2005.

He is best known for his his involvement with the PokerDome group and his amazing ability to qualify for big games via satellite tournaments.

Flush the Fashion caught up with Chris during a break from the action.

What is your favourite poker game?
My favourite game would have to be the Deepstack Series at the Venetian during the WSOP

Favourite hole card combination?
I don’t believe in favourite hands.

Is there a big poker scene in Australia?

Poker in Australia is huge! From the various bar leagues right through to the Aussie Millions, there is something for everyone. Crown Casino in Melbourne has lead the way in providing quality tournament structures for players. Poker Stars has also done a lot for the game locally, the ANZPT and the APPT are terrific tours giving players the chance to compete on a larger stage.

What is the Cake Poker Network?
Cake is a Network of poker sites where players can test their skills online.

Have you been tempted to move to Vegas?

No I would never move to Vegas. I enjoy spending a month each year there during the WSOP but I would never move to the place.

What has been your favourite win?

My best win so far was in the ANZPT in Melbourne so I would have to say that but watch this space, I’m not done yet!

What is an average day for you? Do you play everyday?
I play most days online and at least twice a week live. Between this I balance bringing up my two wonderful daughters, we unfortunately lost their mum to cancer a few years ago so I have to be mindful of balancing poker and being a good dad. One of the things I think is important is to stay physically fit so I train first thing most mornings. Playing regularly does not lend itself to good health so it’s important to keep your mind and body healthy.

How did you manage to win 14 satellite tournaments?

Satellites are my specialty. I have never once bought into any major tournament and have played in the WSOP Main Event, multiple APPT’s, every ANZPT event and countless other major tournaments. Understanding the basics of satellite play is critical to profitability and is the major reason why I have been so profitable since I started playing in 2007.

What would you do if you didn’t play poker?
If I wasn’t playing poker I would be running a business associated with the game. In fact, I have something very big about to be launched that EVERY poker player will be interested in (watch this space).

Do you have a pre-tournament routine?
When I’m away at a tournament or in Vegas for the WSOP, I follow a strict routine to ensure I am in the right frame of mind when the action starts. It begins with a good nights sleep, a gym session each morning, 30-40 minutes by the pool and a good fruit breakfast. I like to get to the tournament around 30 minutes before the start of play so I can have some time to think about how I will approach the day.

Favourite music?
I’m a fan of Australian bands – Jimmy Barnes, Men at Work and even a little Elton John although we can’t claim him.

You are available for coaching, can you teach anyone to be good at poker?

I’m available for coaching on satellites and MTT’s, I will leave the cash game coaching to others. Not everyone can become a profitable player however I can work with people to help them reach their potential.

Do you have any Poker advice or tips for beginners?
My best advice is get your money in good! Also you must believe that you can win the event you are playing in and don’t listen to the knockers in this industry, they are nearly always losing players.

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