Ian Garland – BOTW #001 The Black Angels

Ian Garland loves his music, and for the last few years he has been sending me emails virtually every week telling me about some great band or other he’d just discovered.

So, when we were putting together Flush the Fashion we knew we wanted someone with Ian’s passion and enthusiasm. We couldn’t find anybody, so we had a great idea. Why not ask Ian to do it? Luckily he agreed, so here is Ian Garland’s first ever ‘Favourite band of the week’. Take it away Ian.

I hope you’ve all had a fantastic, festive holiday and the new year has started well. If you don’t celebrate that kinda thing, I hope you’ve enjoyed the time off!

You know what you’re here for so that’s crack on..
What better way to start the new year than some good old psychedelic rock, Texas style in the name of….

The Black Angels.

The Black Angels formed in Austin (USA) back in 2004. Apart from there being too many bands to mention with ‘Black’ in their title, TBA got their name from The Black Angel’s Death Song by the Velvet Underground.

Listening to TBA it’s obvious that the Velvet underground are a huge influence along with the 13th Floor Elevators and perhaps more modern psych bands such as Spaceman 3 and The Jesus & Mary Chain.

Of course we could play that old musical plagiarism card …”They sound like these!” …”They sound like them!”. At the end of the day we should be supporting bands like this for keeping classic styles of music alive!

The band released their third album, Phosphene Dream in September last year; expect hazy guitars, monstrous blasts of feedback, stoner vocals – all that’s cool with psychedelia!
The tune that I present to you today is track 9 from the new album, Telephone.
Take a deep breath before you click play as the video is rather sinister! Shelve next to The Warlocks and The Brian Jonestown Massacre.


The Velvet Underground were named after a book about sadomasochism by Michael Leigh.