‘The Wild Feathers’ from Nashville host a celebration of music

Photos courtesy of Harry Acosta — Website | Instagram | Facebook

Angela Perley & the Howlin’ Moons
A Columbus favorite energized the crowd and set the tone. As friendly and endearing as a vocalist can get, Angela and the boys can also jam! 18 feet under is a crowd favorite that shows off some extraordinary guitar skills.

The Shelters
These gents have yet to release a full-length, but the songs they brought on tour were full-bodied. Surely Burn is one to watch for on the new release, 10 June 2016.

The Wild Feathers
Ending the night with a cover song, especially one from the Beatles doesn’t sound like sound advice. When you bring the other performers from the evening on stage for With a Little Help from My Friends (and you kill it), it’s a perfect way to end a great night of solid performances.

The Wild Feathers will be performing at the Great Escape Festival in Brighton 19 May 2016.

All words and pics by Harry Acosta, visit Harry’s website here >