Richard Hawley to Re-issue First Three Albums

In case you were uncertain on the matter, vinyl is officially the ‘cool thing’ again in the modern day. And that can only be a good thing, because it means people are actually buying music again.

Next month Setanta Records will reissue the first three albums by the ex-Pulp man and one of the most under-stated British artists of the past 15 years. While he may be more widely known for his work post 2005’s Coles Corner, there were three albums Richard Hawley recorded and released prior to that – Richard Hawley, Late Night Final and Lowedges, that will be getting re-issues on heavyweight vinyl, (the first time the earlier two have been put out on this format).


Hawley’s 2001 self-titled debut mini-album will be extended to feature twelve tracks, the original set and an additional five b-sides: ‘Caned’, ‘Cheap Spanish Whine’, ‘Sick Pay’, ‘Aran Loop’ and ‘Troublesome Waters’.

Later the same year, Setanta released Richard’s first full-length album, x – named after the cry of the vendors selling the Sheffield Star in Richard’s hometown, with the artwork featuring photos taken in the city’s Castle Market.

These hometown tales would go some way to explaining why Sheffield’s favourite sons the Arctic Monkeys have such burning hot loins for the song-writer. None more visible than in the opening line of Alex Turner’s now somewhat infamous Mercury speech from 2006.

The three record collection will go on sale from 27th October via Setanta Records.

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