Music: War on Drugs – Nothing To Find

Without doubt my favourite band of the last couple of years, The War on Drugs have a new video out directed by Ben Fee. The track ‘Nothing To Find’ comes from their latest, glorious record ‘A Deeper Understanding’. This is what happens when you put Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Dire Straits, Simple Minds and Spiritualized in a blender and then add a little bit of magic dust courtesey of Adam Granduciel & co.

Just like the album before ‘Lost in the Dream’, ‘A Deeper Understanding’ starts of as a collection of songs and then suddenly after two or three listens it just melts into a masterpiece of ebb and flow washing over you like a tidal wave of aural cleansing. On ‘Nothing To Find’ the intro rips you into life and just keeps going and going…..

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