Monaco: In the lap of luxury

If you could live absolutely anywhere in the world, where would you choose? Those with a taste for luxury might well opt for Monaco, and with very good reason.

Whilst permanent, or seasonal, residence in this great principality might be not quite on the cards yet, a week or two of indulgence is certainly worth your while. Let us paint you a lovely little picture….

Monte Carlo Casino

For one thing the casinos in this part of the world are really spectacular, the most famous being the beautiful Casino Monte Carlo. Of course when it comes to casinos there’s stiff competition from the other big name in the game: Las Vegas. True, this is a top destination for gambling and generally living it up and many do swear by it. However, there are definitely those who would say Monaca trumps Vegas. The fact is that it’s a never-ending debate as on the one hand you’ve got the American, bigger-is-better style of “bright light city” and on the other the more traditional Old World charm and sophistication of Europe.

Now, admittedly, if you’re on a winning streak and totally elated you’re not really going to care too much for the finer distinctions. This is what makes online casinos such as InterCasino so pleasurable- you get to experience that adrenalin rush, that thrill, that heart-racing moment without having to dress up in black tie for the privilege. However, nobody could deny that there’s a certain je ne sais quoi… a certain rarefied atmosphere to Monaco’s casinos.

monte-carlo grand prix

In addition to the gaming, there’s the Grand Prix of course. This might very well be the most glamorous sporting event on the planet. (Well, there are those who would make the case for the Monte-Carlo Polo Cup instead. It returned this year in fine style and if you weren’t in attendance then you can see what you missed out on here.)

The high speed motor racing event is renowned for the difficulty of the course as it winds its way round the streets that are accustomed to a rather more leisurely pace. The close proximity to the fumes, the engine noise and the high-risk overtaking is all part of the appeal and of course the parties that go on before, during and after the race itself are not to be sniffed at either.

Finally, there’s the place itself. You could take away all the casinos and all the sport, the glitz and the glamour and you’d still have one of the most incredible places on Earth. It’s on the French Riviera after all, the glorious stretch of coastline once favoured by such diverse characters as Picasso and Somerset Maugham. (There’s a nice read on the literary side of things here if you’re intrigued.)

Monaco Monte Carlo

The climate, the beaches and the whole package really make this an absurdly pleasant place to spend time in, whether that’s for a holiday, a season or a lifetime. Oh, and as if that weren’t enough there is of course the fact that taxes are virtually non-existent here!