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lana del rey interview

Lana del Rey aka Lizzy Grant is currently putting the finishing touches to her as yet untitled new record. American born, she grew up in Lake Placid, New York before relocating to her current home in London.

Lana’s strange combination of dreamy old style vocals mashed with low-fi arrangements and lush production fuses together in a beautiful but slightly haunting way. To me it’s what a musical version of ‘Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?‘ meets Larry Clarks’ ‘Kids’ would sound like.

She has movie star looks and loves Italian landscapes, big churches and roller coasters and if her new record is only half as good as the ‘Video Games’ single then it will be one worth looking out for. We followed the trail of broken hearts to her front door.

lana del rey interview video gamesHow long have you been writing songs?
For a very long time-since I was 11. I was also the leader of my church choir from when I was 11 onward.

I heard Video Games described as ‘Hollywood Sad Core’, what is the rest of the record like?
The concept of almost every song on the record is a dark love story seen through hopeful eyes. Lyrically its also about the way my life’s been for the past few years – from making my first record with famed producer David while living in a trailer park in New Jersey.

It’s also about my troubled love affairs.

Sonically, the record is a perfect mix of Old Hollywood Glamour and PoP production. Most songs are laced with lush Sinatra string sections. But the Bones of the songs are based in Fat beats.

Think Nina Simone singing a Cat Power song over lil waynes track. It’s Sick.

Who are you working with on the record?
So many people have been involved in making this record-Notably Liam Howe, Chris Braide, Emile Hayney, Justin Parker

How involved musically are you in the studio?
I am the dominating factor in the studio- I’m very particular and I know exactly what I want. I am a Writer first and a singer second. I always have a Vision for the final outcome and for what I want sonically.  I write the lyrics and melodies to most everything with the exception of certain songs and verses. What is most helpful to me in the studio is a talented composer or a sick producer.

Do you have a title for the record yet?
I have four titles that are always in rotation in my mind
1. G.B.A (God Bless America)
2. Do U Luv Me Yet?
3. The Best of Lana Del Rey
4. The World is Ours

Do you have any plans to tour once the record has been released?
Yes of course. It will be good to be back on the stage. We have big plans for touring Europe and a wonderful company we’ll be working with. The single is so very dark and has been resonating with a bigger audience in Eastern Europe than anywhere else.

What is your favorite Film Noir Movie(s)?
Sunset Blvd or The Big Sleep.

Where is the most beautiful place in Italy?
Venice, of course. …. But nowhere’s as beautiful as New York or Hollywood!

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