Ian Garland BOTW #4 – The Moons


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If you’re like me and you often like to make up fictitious band names …you do do that, right? …It’s not weird, is it? Of course you do and of course it’s not to the latter question!

Anyway, I must admit I was struggling to come up with a hip band this week so I decided to type in a few made up band names into good old you-tube and see what came up.

At first I put in some random, obscure names and nothing came up so I typed in some more ‘obvious’ band names which I thought, if there isn’t a band with that name, then there should be! I entered the name ‘Loft’ thinking I’d get some cool kinda shoegaze outfit but all I got was this damn awful euro-pop, feculence.

Before I gave it chance to fit it into any genre I slammed the back button.

With a deep breath, I typed in another obvious band name. This time the room was illuminated and blessed by the sound of….


The Moons are a indie rock band from Northampton (UK) that formed in 2007.

In the band we have singer/guitarist/songwriter Andy Crofts, – who look like Gem Archer or a young Ray Davies – drummer Ben Gordelier, guitarist and backing vocalist James Edward Bagshaw, bassist Adam Leeds and keyboardist Tom Warmsley.

Listening to The Moons – something I’ve been doing prolifically – it’s obvious they’re no run of the mill indie band instead I think it’ll be fair to say their sound derives from ’60s freakbeat with bands such as Small Faces, The Attack and The Action, but bringing it more up to date with a touch of Dodgy perhaps, and The Las.

They create their art in the purest form, the way it should be really with short catchy tunes, harmonious interludes, plucky guitar, ‘McCartneyesque’ bass and rhythmic drum solos juxtaposed with soulful vocals.

Their debut album, Life On Earth which was released last year on the Acid Jazz label is melodic master-class; each track on it could easily be a stand-out single with absolute no monotony, it’s like a ‘best of’! This is something that
should surely threaten the quality of ‘that difficult’ second album? Well, the answer to that is not likely!

Their second album due hopefully this April is being recorded now and the demos I’ve heard so far are outstanding. You can pretty much guarantee that the production is gonna be second to none for they have no other than Mr Edwyn Collins on board.

Finding a tune for you to listen to this week has been no easy task as all The Moons’ songs are fantastic. Well anyway, this is a demo of English Summer.

If this is the demo, it’s hard to believe how amazing the final cut is gonna sound …enjoy!

POP F@ct

As a paratrooper, Jimmy Hendrix tried to recreate the sound of air rushing by with his guitar and amplifier back at the barracks…..F@ct!