Films of Colour: London Calling

films of colour

The music industry in the UK has a lot to thank Fierce Panda for. Over the last 15+ years they have been spotting and promoting the best new bands in the country and have released the debut records of many a multi-million seller.

When Head ‘Panda’ Simon Wiliams described Films of Colour as “The best band he’s signed since Radiohead and Coldplay”, you know he is talking from experience.

Personally they remind me a bit of early Muse and Radiohead, not musically but by the sheer power their songs radiate. It’s like water boarding for your ears (but in a nice way).

Latest single ‘Capital‘ is ACE, (and so is the B-side Persinette), interestingly after the recent trouble in London the song has taken on a new significance.

We caught up with the Jack from the band when things were still calm…

How did you get together with Fandango/ Fierce Panda?
Well that’s what managers are for and in this case it was our manager. He had been a fan of Simon Williams and the panda crew for a while so they were first on the list and they liked it so win win. We played a lot of shows for them at the Bull and Gate around the single as well, it felt like a residency.

Were you aware of the labels history for breaking big bands? (Placebo, Coldplay, Ash, Idlewild etc,etc)
We were made aware of it pretty quickly. No pressure or anything.

How did you feel when Simon Williams made those comments about your band?
Its very humbling when someone says something like that. You are aware that if people read that and come and see you they’ll always be thinking ‘are they?’. Of course we want to be the best band he’s signed since Radiohead and Coldplay but we will just do our own thing and other people have to make the decision. In short, it makes us feel pretty scared.

Is the single ‘Capital’ a reflection of the rest of the album?
We always wanted to put ‘Capital’ out and it felt right doing it as a second single because its not at all like, ‘Actions‘ our first single. We wanted to show a heavier, and slightly darker side to the band. Is it a reflection of the rest of the album, yes, it probably is. It’s the side of Films of Colour that we enjoy the most.

How far have you got with recording the album?
The recording of the album hasn’t really started, but the writing of the album is going really well. We are getting to the stage where we are thinking about tracks to leave off the album which is a good place to be. I believe we start recording proper this Christmas.

Who is producing it?
Well this is a good question. We have been talking to a few people, but we have to stay a bit hush hush about it at present.

What is your fav song on the record?
There’s not actually a unanimous verdict on this. Its a 4 way split. I am going to tell you the favourite song is a new one we have called ‘Creature of Habit’. I speak on behalf of the band now, so it’s that one.

Who would you like to go on tour with?
We had a ridiculously fun day/night in Wales with Kid Champion and The Stowaways, they’re both very good bands, not massively similar music, but does that matter?

When are you playing live next?
We have Fieldview Festival on 6th, then YNot Festival on the 7th. Next London gig is at the end of the month, 31st and its at 93 Feet East, Brick Lane. If you are in London or surrounding areas we would like to see you there.

Could you beat Steve Lamacq in an arm wrestle?
Andy could, James our drummer could, I think I would give him a run for his money, but our guitarist James just couldn’t beat him. It’d be embarrassing.

Am looking forward to the album. In the meantime go to for their latest news.