DB Band – Out on Bail

With his old band Supergrass seemingly on permanent hiatus, rather than buy a pub, Bass player Mick Quinn has got together with some new musicians to form the excellent db band.

Together with drummer Miikey D and Paul Wilson (Fab’z) from Shake Appeal, Mick (now confusingly calling himself Barry) has shaped db Band into a lean mean Rock n Roll Machine.

We spoke to the band ahead of their show at the Water Rats in London, tomorrow night.

db band

How did Db band get together?
(Miikey D) – The first time I met Mick was strange, I went to see a Supergrass sound check in Perth, Australia cause my friends band was supporting them and couldn’t afford to go to the show so I saw then do about 2 minutes of “my amps broken” and “I can’t hear myself” kinda stuff, it was cool and Mick I remember was the only one to come out and say gi’day to the crew, I was to shit scared to say hi. That was it.

About a year later I moved to Oxford and by chance became very good friends with the CCATNB crew and met Mick again through that, we were always going out drinking and such in groups then one day out of the blue he called me and wanted to have a jam. I rocked up to his house and FAB was sitting there in the kitchen, Mick and FAB’z have known each other since they were babies kinda thing. We jammed and it was magic.

Who are your influences?
(Miikey D) – With the db band it can be anything any given week but I really don’t hear anything I can put my finger on. I am particularly a mad jazz fan but your not gonna hear Max Roach or Phil Seamen in the songs, I don’t think we are anything like Supergrass at all but that’s up to you to decide. It’s kinda like our name, The db band, it doesn’t actually stand for anything.

This band is musicians with no limits to any one genre having a laugh, coming from the session world it’s a great and scary change.

How many songs have you written so far?
(Miikey D) – An LP’s worth, we got some pretty sweet covers up our sleeves as well, very strange covers indeed.

db band 3When do you plan to release a record?
(Miikey D) – Well we have done some sessions in London and other parts of the UK so when we feel it’s time we will put something together. I think the lads are looking for a release later this year, but the stuff we have put down I am really proud with.

Is it fun playing smaller venues again?
(Mick) – Yes

How was the recent gig in Oxford?
(Miikey D)– It was cool. We hadn’t really played with each other for a while so when we took to the stage it was raw and had loads of dynamic’s. I don’t know who was watching and to be honest I don’t really care, we all enjoyed our selves and had a great time. I just hope they made a killing for charity

The Db band seem like a return to rock n roll basics, did Supergrass run its course naturally?
(Mick) – dB band can be brutal and rudimentary at times but we’re opening up to more subtle stuff. Who can say for Supergrass, perhaps cryogenically frozen.

What do you think of the current music scene?
(Miikey D) – That really depends on the person you are asking and their level of success. I have been working as a session drummer in the UK for 2 and a bit years and before that I was full time in Australia. The UK has the same problem as Australia, it’s a money issue, it all comes down to money and the last couple of years the industry is showing it’s teeth.

The record labels are just not like they used to be, if you don’t cut it big first time forget a follow up record, it’s funny as I have just read an interview with Dallas Taylor (Drummer for Crosby, Stills and Nash) and he was saying the same thing in the 70’s.

To me it seems that the accountants are in charge of a lot that goes on. The thing that is really different with Mick and FAB is they don’t give a fuck about the hook, we are not going to impress Peter Andre fans, it’s the song and the emotion they they are going for, gosh that took me a while to get my head around but there is a load of freedom in our song writing that you will most defiantly see live, kinda like early Stones or Stooges.

db band

Where is the best place to get breakfast in Oxford?
(Mick) – Excelsior Café, Cowley Road. Like stepping into the end of the 60’s, Withnail style.
(FAB) – Can I get tea and cake there?

For more info on the db band visit www.dbband.com
The band play at the Water Rats in London this Wed April 6th. To buy tickets click here
Top pic by Neal Reed