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charles deluxeThe great thing about the advancement of technology in music is it becomes a great leveller… true The Beatles recorded all their stuff on incredibly primitive equipment, but now (especially in the world of dance music), the tools needed to be a successful Remixer or Producer have become widespread and accessible to all.

Take Charles Deluxe, one minute he is sat in his Argentinian bedroom annoying the hell out of his neighbours, the next minute he is thrust into the limelight.

The reason? Like the brilliant Madeon previously, his stunning remix of Veela – Night Vision (listen below) has won the latest FL Studio Remix Competition.

Voted for by fellow Remixers within the FL Studio 10 community, to win is a great acknowledgement of your skills from your peers. Since then Charles’s phone hasn’t stopped ringing and he’s on the edge of a successful music career. His music is ‘Electro Nasty’, and can rip your head off from 40 yards.

We caught up with the rising star while he would still reply to our emails.

How long have you been remixing and producing music?
About 5 years more or less… I remember it all started in the summer in 2007, I decided to take my producing skills to another level. Although my interest in electronic music didn’t started that year.. it all really began when I was around 14 (I’m now 28).

I remember the first software I used was a tracker, its name was “Screamtracker”, in DOS (not windows yet), with a computer with 2 o 4 Megabytes of RAM, yes.. Megabytes not Gigabytes.

Since then, electronic music was always my main passion, although at the time it was just a a hobby, just to have fun.. and show my bizarre creations to my friends (who didn’t care much) and have a laugh.. nothing more than that.

I’m telling you this, because I think a “Producer” or producing music, is a concept beyond laying a couple of beats in a program. Anyone can download a program and make some sounds and beats in no time, that doesn’t make you a producer in my opinion.

That would be like calling myself a Chef because I’ve cook food everyday since I was a child. That would be an insult to real Chefs!

Before 2007 I was a guy with some audio programs installed, who liked to sit once a month in the computer and make some funny noises to share with friends.

It helped as those early years gave me some low-level knowledge of audio and computers that it’s always useful, it also made me immune to DAW audio quality discussions and it helped me to have a better understanding of how digital audio works, and the differences with analog audio.

What equipment do you use in your studio?
I have a computer like almost every producer these days, I bought every component in different computer stores (to get the lowest price) and then assembled it myself. I have two MIDI keyboards and one BCR2000 controller, although right now I just use one midi keyboard as I don’t record almost any automation, I draw the automation myself, in my case is more efficient and precise than recording it.  And that’s pretty much it!

What speakers do you use for monitoring?
Right now I have a couple of Samson Rubicon R6A. I mounted a couple of very cheap acoustic panels on my room walls to attenuate a bit the reflections inside.

Although now that I’ve won the ImageLine remix contest, one of the prizes is a pair of Event 20/20BAS (Big Ass Sound).. I can’t wait for them!!

charles deluxe

Who were your early musical influences?
I have a lot of influences, I think everything I hear influences me on a subconscious level, but if you ask me for specific artists or bands.. here from Argentina, I could say “Soda Stereo” which was an amazing rock band, very influential and very very successful too.

In a more international context I could name a few like Queen, Phil Collins, R.E.M, Seal and Jamiroquai who has some funky tunes I like a lot! Nowadays, and being more specific to the electronic scene, I’m influenced by artists like Deadmau5, Lazy Rich, Zedd, Skrillex, Madeon, Cold Blank, Porter Robinson and others too!!

Do you use FL Studio 10 all the time?
Yes, it’s my main and only DAW nowadays, and I’ve tried them all believe me.

Why do you think FL Studio is so popular?
I think there are several reasons of why it’s so popular. It’s so easy to use… if you’re an advanced producer or a noob, and all the grays in the middle it will fit your needs. It has thousands of features that will help you in every step of music production, I always discover something new in there and I’ve been using it for years now.

It’s also packed with tons of great synths and effects right out of the box, and on top of that, an amazing community of users, and a very responsive tech support makes it a excellent product overall, oh and don’t forget the free updates for life…  is that enough?

FL Studio10 competition

What is Electro Nasty House?
It’s just a name I’ve made up for my music.. In general Electro House is a very aggressive style of electronic music, very energy loaded, so why not to put that on the name too? XD  I think “nasty” is a very nice word to describe that.

How does it feel to win the  Veela – Night Vision re-mix competition, and how long did it take you to do that mix?
I almost didn’t enter the contest cause I thought that I wouldn’t have enough time for it. But they postponed some days later so I finally got in. It took me more or less 40 hours to make it, all that time spread over a week. I took this remix contest as a serious job, the prize was amazing.. so I had to do my best.

Do you approach doing a remix in the same way every time?
No, I never know where or how to start… I base myself in previous tracks or remixes, but I try to put something new.  Some sounds are similar, but others are completely different, for example, I think every remix I’ve made features a different drum kit.. I don’t think they share a single drum sample.

Even if I use similar samples, I fine tune the kick and other sounds to the track I’m making. I always try to make something new, but at the same time something that has some of my signature.

Do you find it easier to do a remix or to start with a blank canvas?
I find it easier to do a remix now.. but I think it’s just because I’ve been making remixes for almost a year, so I think it’s mainly a feeling based on all that time I’ve been practicing.

With a remix you have to start with some “guidelines” as the voice or melody,  so maybe it’s easier for me.. yes… at least in this genre!

What is your favourite remix you have done so far?
I think my favourite is the Martin Solveig’s Hello Remix, (see above) it was for a Beatportal contest.. I’ve been in 6 Beatportal remix contests and lost them all in a row!!, yes.. in a row!!

But all those remixes have received amazing comments, inside and outside of Beatportal, and I got noticed by a lot of people who are now my followers. They give me a lot of support downloading my tracks, using them in videos, etc, etc..

Which artists would you like to remix?
I like to remix tracks with vocals, would love to remix any of these… LMFAO, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Black Eyed Peas among others!

Do you have any plans to play live or DJ?
Yes, my plan is just to start Dj’ing and playing live!! I’d love to! And it would be the next logical step, although a lot of producers get into electronic scene being Djs first, my case is the opposite!

What have you got coming out next?
Plain and simple.. More nasty tracks!! I’ll be releasing two tracks on Big Fish Recordings.. One is Mass Warrior, and I’m working on the another one, it will be in the same style of Mass, and then…. lets see what happens!!!

Good luck to Charles, we’ll be looking out for his new stuff.
Stay up to date with Charles on his facebook / soundcloud pages

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    hello mr.charles. since ive heard your music, i cant stop listening to it even now while on my way to work note: NP-Cazzette – Sleepless(Charles Deluxe Remix). Im also fan of FL Studio 10 and use it in my bedroom recording. Keep it up and more power” Mr.Charles 🙂 Godbless

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