Beady Eye – Four letter word

You might have noticed for a website called ‘Flush the Fashion’ there isn’t much Fashion on it. Don’t worry, we have a feature on Liam Gallagher’s clothing range Pretty Green coming up very soon, in the meantime….

I wasn’t too impressed with ‘Bring the Light’, the debut single from Liam Gallagher’s new post Oasis band Beady Eye. However, as much as my brain didn’t want to like it, it grew on me after a few listens in that annoying way some songs do.

Here is Beady Eye’s new single (are they still called singles?)  ‘Four Letter Word’. Let us know what you think of it…

The album ‘Different gear, still speeding’ is released on 28th February on Beady Eye Records. Produced by the legendary Steve Lilywhite featuring the following tracks.

Four Letter Word, Millionaire, The Roller, Beatles And Stones
Wind Up Dream, Bring The Light, For Anyone, Kill For A Dream, Standing On The Edge Of The Noise, Wigwam, Three Ring Circus, The Beat Goes On, The Morning Son

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One thought on “Beady Eye – Four letter word

  1. Ian says:

    Way better better than the naff, Bring The Light which sounded like a crap Oasis B-side. Even though I'm/was a huge Oasis fan I just wish Liam would reinvent himself more, yeah his vocals are very strong but he's gotta get off trying to be Lennon all the time, if you listen to Roller (perhaps the best I've heard from them so far) …it's Instant Karma! Hope Andy would stick his boot in more and give Beady Eye a more shoegaze sound or just reform Ride!

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