5 Amazing Careers In The Music Industry

Music makes the world go round. Or is that over? Most people would argue that a world without music isn’t worth living, and pursuing music as a career is a worthwhile venture that will allow you to live a life you love.

But there are many different ways to forge a career in the music industry and find the perfect job role for you.

Music Producer

A music producer is well-versed in both the artistic and commercial aspects of the industry, and they cultivate ties with both musicians and record labels. A producer should foster an environment in which artists may develop and express themselves. A producer also helps an artist’s recording project by handling many of the intricacies. You can practise your skills at home using the latest in technology, Melody loops, and making sure you are aware of trends and practises within the music industry to help you become the best producer possible.

Session Musician

As a session musician, you can back up and perform on another musician’s album or perform onstage with various acts. This means you can experiment with a variety of styles, genres, and sounds. You will interact with, meet, and establish relationships with a large number of other musicians. You might be requested to participate in a recording session or tour with a band. The path to being a successful session musician can be lucrative and perhaps lead to a solo career if you are really skilled.

To become a renowned session musician, you’ll need to invest in the right equipment. Not every artist or venue will provide it for you. You’ll need to prove that you have the kit to perform an assignment before you take the gig. 

At a minimum, make sure that you have a looper pedal, mixer deck, amplifier, and all the necessary cabling. You may also want to supply your own instrument microphones, depending on where you perform. 

Music Journalist

If you are skilled at working and having a love of music, why not combine both of your passions and train to become a journalist. Once you are trained, you can niche down to the music industry. In the meantime, you can start a music blog and keep up to date with the latest news to really delve into the behind-the-scenes and what is happening on stage.

Music Publicist

Music publicity will work with artists to increase public awareness by approaching different media outlets, venues, influencers and marketers in the sector. This is very much a more PR based role, but it will allow you to immerse yourself into your passion and help to incite that same passion in others for the artists you are publicising.

If you can convey your love of music to others and breakthrough to journalists and the media in a way that is infectious, then this could be the perfect job role for you.

Music Teacher

Sharing your knowledge and passion with young minds who have their whole life ahead of them to discover everything music can be extremely rewarding. To train to be a music teacher in mainstream education, you will need qualifications and expertise in all areas of music and be proficient in one or more instruments depending on your speciality. 

You can also tutor privately, and while this isn’t as strictly regulated, the more qualifications and experience you have, the more you can charge and the better your chances of being a highly sought after tutor. To be successful you will need advanced skills in your instrument and an ability to impart this information. Consider teaching resources such as this Piano Posture Diagram that you can offer to students as a teaching aid.

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