The Walkers Crisps Comic Relief Taste Test

Recently Walkers have been trying some new ideas to knock the Great British Public out of this routine. Remember the World Cup Flavours last year? I do, but I am still trying to forget them (it).

Now, to raise money for Comic Relief, Walker have brought out a new limited edition range of crisps. 5p of each pack goes to Comic Relief and they hope to raise over £1m.

The twist is this – all the flavours have been ‘created’ by 4 British Comediennes (Frank Skinner, Stephen Fry, Jimmy Carr and Al Murray).

Comic Relief is a great charity so we decided to give you the low down on the all the flavours with an unbiased blind taste test.

Frank Skinners: Roast Chicken Dinner

Comic Ability: 8 out of 10. Does a great dance in his vest.
Taste like:
Pete: Well these are a bit predictable, cant taste any difference between them and a regular roast chicken pack. Disappointing.  Looks like Frank drew the short straw. More 3 hamsters than 3 Lions. (5 out of 10).
Dawn: My second favourite. (7 out of 10)

Total 20 out of 30

Walkers Comic Celebrity CrispsAl Murray’s Steak & Ale Pie Flavour

Comic Ability: 7 out of 10. Very funny, but time for a new character.
Taste like:
P: More subtle than your average steak flavour crisp and there is definitely a Beer-ish type after taste. Not bad. But I’m not jumping up and down about them either. They probably taste better with a pint. (7)
D: Better than a regular steak or beef flavoured crisp, a much more natural flavour. (7)

Total 21 out of 30

Walkers Celebrity Comic Crisps Jimmy CarrJimmy Con Carne: Chilli con Carne flavour

Comic Ability: Potty mouthed, the thinking mans Ronnie Corbett. Laughs like a horse. (8 out of 10)
Taste like:
P: Chilli Con Carne! Actually very good, I think this flavour could catch on! (9)
D: Does what it says in the tin (packet). You can smell the kidney beans! (9)

Total 25 out of 30

Walkers Celebrity Comic CrispsStephen Fry Up: Full English fry up flavour

Comic Ability: A British institution, but can a man be too clever? 8 out of 10
Taste like:
P: You can taste the bacon and egg, and it’s an original flavour. I’m not a big fan of eggs, so although the taste is quite authentic, not really my cup of tea. Sorry about that Stephen old chap. 6
D: A bit too eggy for my liking. 6

Total 22 out of 30

And the winner is Jimmy Carr’s Chilli Con Carne with 25 points out of a possible 30 and a genuine contender for a permanent addition to the Walkers range (fingers crossed). Well done to Walkers for the idea let’s hope they raise raise lots of money.

PS. If Walkers are looking for ideas for next time, what about a Russel Brand, ‘Donner Kebab flavour’, or a Charlie Brooker, ‘Chocolate Croissant and Cappuccino’?

OR…. What about something even more radical. ‘Hannibal Lecter, Fried Brain and Chianti Flavour’? Am sure they would be perfect for dinner parties. Maybe they could use Gary Lineker’s brain?

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