Recipe: Tapenade from Olives and Dried Tomatoes

I’m a huge fan of olives! I love adding them on salads, couscous, rice, etc.
This is another quick and easy idea on how to serve them.

tapanade from olives and dried tomatoes

Tapenade is a very popular spread here in Europe. It can be served as an appetizer accompanied with some crackers or toasted bread, but I’ve also seen it as a topping for fish and for stuffed meat and that combination works out pretty well!

I had some dried tomatoes left at home, so I decided giving my tapenade a bit of a twist and added them. The result was delicious! You’ll wanna serve this at your next meeting or party.

Ingredients (makes around ¾ cup):
20 green olives (black olives are fine too)
4 pieces of dried tomatoes
2 tablespoons olive oil (you can also use super healthy flax seed oil) visit MonicasHealthMag for info >
½ tablespoons fresh black pepper (grains)
juice of half lemon

Combine all the ingredients with the help of a blender or hand mixer.
The resulting texture should be a cream or paste. Keep refrigerated in a close recipient and it should stay fine for around 2 weeks.


Vanessa Sue Smith

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