Smartphone Review: LG Optimus One P500

lg oneWith all these new Tabs, Pads and Smartphones I am a bit confused, is bigger better? …..Smaller? …Heavier?

Whatever the current fashion is the LG Optimus One P500 feels nice in your hand and it’s heavy enough not to get it confused with your wallet in your pocket or bag.

If you wanted to play superheroes the impact on a fleeing shoplifters head would take them down easily.

As it uses Google’s Android Operating System, anyone familiar with this will be able to find their way around the phone straight away. Connecting to Wi-Fi is easy, I imported my contacts via Bluetooth and was ready to roll in less than 5 minutes.

The great thing about what Google are doing with the Android OS (and to a certain extent Microsoft), is they are giving developers the tools available to create apps for what is essentially a mini computer, and to expand it’s usefulness even further.

Whereas Apple’s approach is to filter and control what you can see on an iPhone or iPad, Google are the technological equivalent of your dad locking you in the garage with some Mecanno and a bunch of tools.

They just want people to build something, useful or not. (On the other hand, it also means it’s hard to find the good stuff among the crap.)

So if the keyboard interface is too small?.. no problem… download a better one..
Want some cool filters for your pics?.. Easy..
Angry Birds? …. done.
[nggallery id=35]

Part of the fun with these phones are customising them to suit your needs and lifestyle. There are some cool new things you can do with this phone like Google Goggles, Voice Search and a very handy Google Maps, Navigation Sat Nav thing, more than enough to keep you occupied until the bus turns up and all the way to work. Oh, I nearly forgot to mention you can ring people up on it too!

If I had a couple of small complaints about the LG Optimus One, there is no SD card included so until you get one, the camera (a reasonable 3MP) and some of the other stuff can’t be used. You also have to have the headphones in if you want to listen to the radio. While Apps for Twitter and Facebook are excellent, in common with all smartphones the rest of the internet is just a bit too big to view comfortably. Squeeze and Pinch work well and if it was your only option you would get used to it, but give me a Tab or Pad anytime.

seven out of 10These are small niggles to what is overall, an excellent phone. I think with time the LG Optimus One would become a welcome addition to your family and one that would grow as you do, however big it gets!