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EA SPORTS UFC's Gameplay Series, Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee has to be THE most famous martial arts star of all-time. His US crossover movies including ‘Enter the Dragon’ and ‘The Big Boss’ left an indelible impression on a generation and even now his influence reverberates around the world of action movies and popular culture.

EA SPORTS UFC's Gameplay Series, Bruce Lee

For the first time ever, in the third installment of EA SPORTS’s UFC Gameplay series for Xbox ONE and PS4 you have the option to climb into the Octagon as the man himself.

UFC had the full backing of Lee’s daughter Shannon throughout development and his character is available unlocked if you pre-order the game before release on June 17th or on completion of career mode on “pro” difficulty.

Besides the Lee character, this latest UFC game grasps the immense processing powers of the new consoles with both hands and delivers an experience in terms of graphics, sounds and playability unlike anything you have seen before.

The game brings you even closer to the action, and with an intense online mode, MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighting fans will be counting the days with baited breath.

For more info and trailers visit the UFC Youtube Channel
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