Smeg: Any colour as long as it’s…. white?

If you think back not too long ago, EVERY single kitchen appliance on the planet was white, white and more white. And then came SMEG with its 50’s retro designed fridges and kitchen appliances bold splashes of red, yellows and sky blue. They ripped up the rule book and kitchens were fun, kids laughed and cookies were baked!

But now look, what’s this? Smeg have designed a lovely toaster and kettle, but have gone all serious on us in the colour department. Actually they still look pretty smart and the chic retro styling exudes an understated confidence that doesn’t scream look at me (even though you do anyway). Well, they say love is colourblind.


The KLF03WHUE Kettle (£99.95) and the TSF02WHUE Toaster (£139.95) are available from or at Smeg’s new flagship store at 14 Regent Street , St James’ London.

By the way if you want to know about toast, ask Paul Young here >