Infographic: Does Your Love Of Gadgets Harm The Planet?

Most folks have smartphones in their pockets, tablets on their desks, and laptops at home these days. The human race’s love of gadgets is well known, but do you have an adverse impact on the planet? This article will uncover some vital information and aim to set the record straight once and for all.

Mining for materials

The materials used in most modern gadgets comes from mines on the other side of the world in developing countries. They are dangerous places where many people lose their lives every single day. There are few worker protections in place, and contamination and pollution are rife.

Disposing of the gadgets

As the infographic below this article highlights, modern gadgets can cause some problems for the planet if you don’t dispose of them properly. Indeed, that is why there are many different recycling services in the UK, US, and around the world.

Impact on society

Does your use of gadgets cause an adverse impact on society and thus the planet? Yes, it does! While there are many benefits to smartphones and other technology, there are lots of drawbacks too. For instance, at some point in the future, human beings will lose many of the essential skills that helped to build our societies. When that happens, the planet is sure to suffer.

After reading that information, you should have a better perspective of how your love of gadgets affects the planet. The most important thing you can do is to recycle them properly. So, take some advice from the graphic below.

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