Food: Gyros mini tacos – Glazed pork belly, onion, yoghurt, paprika sauce (serves 4)

We’ve got our fingers crossed for the weekend and if the weather is nice it could be a good idea to try this awesome recipe by Athinagoras Kostakos, Chef Patron of Meraki Restaruant, Fitzrovia. Athinagoras suggests using the oven to cook the meat, but I think if the Sun is out it would taste even better flame-grilled on the BBQ!


For the marinade
15g Maldon salt
3g Black peppercorn
3g Sweet smoked paprika
Olive oil (as you need it)
300g Pork belly (diced)
Tortillas (around 8 to 10 cm) 1 packet
1 Cucumber
10 Cherry tomatoes
200g Greek yogurt. 200gr
1 tspn Sweet Smoked paprika
1 red onion
15g parsley (roughly chopped)
3 pinches of sumac


•             In a bowl mix the paprika, salt, pepper and as much olive oil as you like – add the pork belly and leave for 2 hours to marinade

•             Pre-heat the oven to 180C

•             Add the raw pork cubes onto wooden or metal skewers and grill/fry until caramelised

•             Add cherry tomatoes, a dash of olive oil, salt & pepper to an oven proof dishes – bake in the oven for 3 minutes at 180C

•             Mix the yogurt and paprika together and add a pinch of salt

•             Slice the red onion and cucumber very finely (use a mandolin slicer if you have one)

•             Now you are ready to build your taco!

•             Begin with your yoghurt and paprika mix, followed by the pork belly, add the sliced onion, cucumber and parsley – finish with a pinch of sumac and a few lime wedges!

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