Food: The Lucky Pig, Fulham

The roaring 20’s would probably not have been quite so roaring had it not been for the Speakeasy – American speak for an establishment illegally selling alcohol during the US Prohibition era which spanned the duration of the 20’s.

Also called a Blind Pig, it is this that the Lucky Pig draws naming inspiration from and opens its second venue in Fulham, (the other is in Fitzrovia) offering cocktails, decadence and some top notch food to the good people here.

It is the latter that we are to sample, although I am not averse to the odd cocktail, even though we are here for Sunday lunch, which is not exactly the traditional cocktail hour.

The interior is decadent and the perfect backdrop against which to indulge. Plush sofas invite you to sink in, glass and mirrors aplenty bounce the light around so it’s all one large light and airy space to eat and drink to your hearts content.

lucky-pig-Fulham Review

Drinks start us off, the menu is large and varied and with names like Ritzy Ethel and Twinkle toes, it takes heroic restraint to stick to our more humble options. I opt for a light fruity mocktail made with strawberries and lemonade (bottom left) which wins full marks for not being overly laden with sugar and the husband enjoys his glass of bubbles, followed up by a warm cosy glass of ruby red wine.


The Sunday roast menu starts at a wallet pleasing £14.5 and includes all the trimmings you may wish for – I opt for the Slow Cooked Middle White Pork Belly (below) and the Husband opts for the Lamb (above) £15.50). Both plates come liberally laden with crunchy roasted potatoes, Yorkshire pudding and seasonal vegetables, which in this case are Greens, Carrots and Parsnip. I’m so used to Parsnips only making an appearance at Christmas that it actually takes me some time to identify this and all I can say is that Parsnips need to make a bit more of a comeback and feature on a few more menus.

luckypig fulham review

Our empty plates at the end are testament to the quality of the food and this along with the live music has us tapping our feet and wishing for nightfall and some sparkly 20s rockers to really get the party started.

Desserts are a must while the tunes are still going so we opt to share the Rhubarb and Elderflower Bavarois with Gooseberry Anglaise and the Caramelised Almond Ice cream with Espresso Dates (above right). I’d originally picked the Caramelised Almond ice cream but almost immediately change allegiances to the Rhubarb Bavarois.


A bavarois is a sort of thick cream, halfway between a mousse and custard and is delicately flavoured with the Rhubarb and much more to my palate. Luckily, the husband has found his favourite to be the ice cream so for once, we are both content. The espresso dates are the only thing not really working in this combination are left untouched to their own devices.


The band are still strumming jazz tunes as we reluctantly leave, already planning a return trip. But next time, we’ll come at night – when the cocktails are flowing and the 20s are swinging.

The Lucky Pig
374 Northend Road, Fulham SW6 1LY
0207 385 1300

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