5 First Cars For Fashionistas

If you’re fashion conscious and fancy a car that make a statement there’s plenty to choose from.

After hours practising behind the wheel and swotting up for the driving theory test you need a vehicle to put your new-found knowledge to use in. In fact, as soon as the theory test is passed it’s time to divert your attention to researching what car you will drive. The earlier you get your theory test passed the better as, with fashion in mind, you’ll need to spend plenty of time getting this right.

Here are five fashion conscious cars – some highly customisable to suit your exact tastes – to get you thinking:

The revival of the famous MINI has been a huge hit since its release in 2001. Now in its third incarnation, its distinctive retro styling combined with the latest in modern technology has made it a winner.

Fashion Cars UK 2015

There probably aren’t two identical MINIs in existence such is the ability to customise it with various choices of colour scheme, interior and exterior treatments and a huge optional extra list.

The fact it’s great fun to drive – just like the original – and holds its value so well make it a fashionista’s dream. Space is a bit tight if you have teenage kids, but for a young family it still works and a car seat mirror for the baby is ideal. Refer to car seat experts for more.

Fiat 500
The new Fiat 500 harks back to its popular 1950s predecessor. It’s been available since 2008 but shows no signs of dating thanks to its retro look.

Fashion Cars 2015 UK

The retro styling extends to the interior with its white steering wheel and snazzy colour schemes. Earlier examples weren’t anything special to drive, but suspension revisions in 2010 improved things, adding performance to the style strengths.

Vauxhall Adam

A small and highly customisable car, with the Adam you can even select what colour you’d like for the alloy wheel spokes and choose from various interior treatments. Fancy a yellow dashboard? No problem.

Fashion Cars UK 2015

Various exterior options such as roof and body colour combinations and finishes make the diminutive Vauxhall a fashionable choice. Unusually for a company more known for their high volume cars, the Adam probably has more customisable options than any other car.

VW Up!

Perhaps the exclamation mark in its name alone makes it a winner for the fashionista. This city car combines stacks of practicality, frugal running costs and plenty of street cred.

Fashion Cars 2015 UK

The model names are pretty funky: Take Up!, High Up!, Move Up! and the various limited edition versions that have come and gone such as ‘Groove Up!’ and ‘Rock Up!’.

Different dashboard colour choices are available to make it noticeably yours, and the distinctive all-glass tailgate sets it off. It’s good fun to drive, and the kudos of the VW name helps.

Citroen DS3
Like the Vauxhall Adam and MINI, the Citroen DS3 has plenty of customisable options along with a distinctive style with a bit of quirkiness thrown in.

Fashion Cars 2015 UK

Various paintwork combinations are available as are patterned decals such as leopard print and polkadot if you’re feeling adventurous. The interior is similarly customisable with different colour combinations, but it’s not just style over substance; the DS3 is good to drive and well appointed.

And more…

Shop around for inspiration for the latest colours and designs and keep your eyes open for cars that turn your head. White cars – previously written off as impractical – are back in fashion, inspired by the sleek look of Apple’s products.

If none of the above quite do it for you in the fashion stakes, there’s more to choose from depending on your budget and tastes. Check out other fashionable cars here.

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