Food: Breton Galette by Richard Bertinet

It’s pancake day tomorrow, but if you’re feeling just a little bit adventurous why not try this recipe for ‘Breton Galette’ by Richard Bertinet. It’s a delicious twist and just as easy to make too.

Breton Galette


(Makes about 8 thin galettes)
300g buckwheat flour
3 eggs
200g semi skimmed milk
400g water
50g melted butter
10g sea salt


1. A potato and vegetable oil for cooking
2. Beat the eggs with the milk, water and salt
3. Sieve the flour into the bowl and mix well until there are no lumps.
4. Melt the butter until it is light brown and pour into the mixture.
5. Stir well and rest for 1 hour
6. Heat a non-stick galette or pancake pan until really hot.  Place a little oil in a bowl.  Cut the potato in half and skewer half on a fork so that the fork is in the curved side and the flat cut side of the potato is ready to use to oil the pan.  Dip the potato into the oil and cover the base of the pan with a thin coating of oil.
7. Pour a little batter into the pan and tilt the pan until it creates a thin layer all over the bottom of the pan.  Cook until brown then flip and cook for a further few minutes on the other side.
8. Repeat.

Serve with fresh mint, cream (or fromage frais), berries and ENJOY!!

Recipe by French Master Baker Richard Bertinet , click here for more info >