A taste of Summer – Frozen Gordon’s and Pimm’s Summer Crush

I’m really not a fan of those slushy blue nuclear drinks you see behind the head of every cafe counter assistant in the Summer months. I’ve seen what they do to kids, and I’ve also no idea what they put in them to get those colours.

However, these Frozen Gordon’s and Pimm’s cooler drinks take the ‘cold’ concept and adapt it for a more discerning palette. Available in two flavours, (Gordon’s Frozen Cooler is gin – mixed with apple and elderflower and Pimm’s Summer Crush combines Pimm’s with hints of strawberry and cucumber) they’re the perfect accompaniment to my Vegetable and Halloumi Kebab recipe, but hurry…. Summer isn’t going to last forever.

Gordon's Apple & Elder Frozen Cooler

My personal favourite is actually another new drink, the Pimm’s Cider Cup. It has the flavours I love about a ‘real’ Pimm’s, but with a sparkling cider/perry base. It’s refreshing, light, fruity and at only 4% alcohol, extremely quaffable.

Another good thing about these mixed drinks is that you know how much alcohol you are consuming, both the Gordon’s mixer and Pimm’s Summer Crush are 4.7% alcohol proof, which is a lot less potent than your average Pimm’s Jug, but definitely just as delicious.

Drink Responsibly, If you have issues with alcohol, visit www.drinkaware.co.uk

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