Food: Barbecue Halloumi & Vegetable Kebabs

Cooking time: 10-15min
Serves: Makes 10 large Kebabs

INTRO: I love burgers and hotdogs as much as the next person, but with the Barbecue season in full swing it’s nice to do something a bit less meaty and a bit more healthy. These Barbecue halloumi & vegetable kebabs are easy to make and a delicious addition to any Summers day.

Barbecue Halloumi & Vegetable Kebabs5

500g (2 packs) Holloumi Cheese
3 large courgettes
1 pack of large cherry tomatoes (on the vine)
3 peppers (red / green)
1 lemon
10 wooden skewers

Smoked Paprika
100ml Olive oil
Course Black Pepper

Cooking method:
Soak the skewers in cold water for 30 mins before use (to stop them burning on the barbecue). Thickly slice the courgettes and peppers
Chop the holloumi into thick cubes

Add marinade ingredients into a large bowl, then add tomatoes, courgettes, peppers and holloumi and gently mix together. Leave in cool place for 30mins.

Barbecue Halloumi & Vegetable Kebabs1

Slide the vegetables and helium onto the skewers, Place on barbecue when heat is less fierce, use leftover marinade too brush on the kebabs. Turning 3-4 times to ensure even cooking.

The kebabs are ready when the holloumi is char-grilled. Serve with rocket salad, red wine and a dash of lemon Juice.


BTW you can vote for my BBQ recipe on the Ladbrokes website HERE

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