Film Review: The Wolverine

I love Xmen, I used to watch the animated series as a kid and have enjoyed the films they have made overall. First Class is delightful, Xmen 3 is rage-inducing.

the wolverine review

Wolverine would probably be one of my least favourite Xmen characters, but they seem to spend a lot of time on him in the films. He now has 2 solo adventures to his name and a pretty amusing cameo in First Class.

The Wolverine is set after the events in Xmen 3 and Logan is dealing with and mourning the death of Jean Grey by his own hands. The immortality that his mutant powers bring him are starting to grate on him and he has recoiled from the world seeking solace in wilderness, haunted by dreams of his past.
His past starts to catch up with him when Yukio, a mysterious girl asks him to accompany her home to Japan at the request of her master Yashida, a Japanese Soldier saved by Logan many years ago now on his death bed.

Wolverine reluctantly travels to Japan but the old man wants more than to say his final farewell and Logan becomes entangled in a family feud, attempted kidnappings and with his powers mysteriously weaken ends up on the run.

Wolverine is again played by Hugh Jackman (The Prestige, Les Misérables, Van Helsing) He is a perfect embodiment of The Wolverine, brutal, apathetic and instinctual. The damage to his powers we see in this film and the grief he is clearly suffering and being frequently tormented by, allows a more human Wolverine. However much a wounded animal he is still able to deal out punishment but can he work out what is happening to him in time.

The Wolverine is a fairly decent comic book film. It has the violence, explosions and plot you would expect and a wonderful little end credits teaser. It slightly explores the kind of effect such a mutation like Wolverines has on his life but also how difficult to would be for him to live without it even though it can be more of a curse at times.

Despite everything I quite enjoyed the Wolverine so it you are looking for a comic book film to tide you over to Xmen days of Future past this is for you, I can’t promise that you won’t find it abit silly in places but its worth a watch and also for reference all of Xmen: the animated series can be found on Lovefilm instant *plugs*.

The Wolverine is out NOW!