Janes Addiction Live in NYC – DVD

It feels weird to know that Janes Addiction record ‘Nothings Shocking’ is now over 25 years old. When I was younger I listened to this and their 1990 release ‘Ritual de lo habitual’ as much as as I listened to anything else, probably more.

Seemingly at the top of their game not long after (and without warning) they just split up. The members continued with different projects (Farrell with Porno for Pyros, Eric A with Alanis Morissette and Dave Navarro with the Red Hot Chill Peppers and many others) but a bit like Morrisey and Johhny Marr, without each other there was always something missing.

janes addiction live in NYC

Thankfully in 2003, they get back together and with new bass player Chris Chaney (most of the time) have been together ever since. This is actually a DVD of a free live show Janes Addiction did on the eve of the release of ‘The Great Escape Artist’ in 2012 in New York. Am not totally sure why they have decided to release it now, but as a JA fan, I thought it would be worth having a look at.

Most of the songs are actually from earlier in the bands career, with only ‘Irresistible Force’ from the new one and ‘Just Because’ from ‘Strays’ are performed. It takes a few tracks before the band start to properly click, maybe they’re distracted by the two scantily clad female performers gyrating behind them, but by third song ‘Just Because’ musically and performance wise things seem to gel.

They may be older, richer and better dressed these days, but their music sound as fresh to me now as it did all that time ago. Perry’s strange banshee vocals, tight rhythm section and DN’s soaring guitars. Despite not being the most prolific band in the world, Janes Addiction definitely still have all their own teeth, sonically.

Tracks like ‘Three days’ and ‘Ocean Size’ are journeys, Pink Floyd-like in their epic structures, with complex build-ups and breakdowns they rise and fall like a storm followed by sun. Even if the visuals on this DVD (except the dancers) aren’t particularly exciting, for hardcore Janes Addiction fans it’s an essential purchase.

Perry Farrel’s over-enthusiasm does sound a bit like an embarrassing Dad on a couple of occasions, and when he says “Let’s get this party over, so we can start the next party!” you can see Dave Navarro’s nipple rings visibly cringe.

I actually found the best way to enjoy this DVD is to watch it with your eyes closed, ears open, just listening to the music, as that is the best bit by far.

Jane’s Addiction: Live in NYC
1. Whores
2. Ain’t No Right
3. Just Because
4. Ted, Just Admit It…
5. Been Caught Stealing
6. Irresistible Force (Met The Immovable Object)
7. Up The Beach
8. Ocean Size
9. Three Days
10. Mountain Song
11. Stop!
12. Jane Says

‘Live In NYC’ will be released on CD, DVD, Blu-Ray and double LP vinyl for more info visit www.janesaddiction.com

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