Vans: Skating shoes – The Specifics

Getting into the specifics of Vans and skating shoes

In the last few years, Vans shoes have gained a great deal of traction and popularity with the skateboarding scene-apart from being stylistically appropriate for the culture and well-designed for skateboarding itself the ease with which they could (and still can) be dyed to make them truly unique certainly appealed to skateboarders. There are a number of reasons why they make good everyday as well as skating shoes, however.

Firstly, Vans shoes can often be spruced-up using the above-mentioned dyeing method, something hard to do with other makes of shoes. Correct application of dyes can revitalise a faded pair, making them look fresh and new. Alternately, the worn look can actually suit Vans rather well, as there is a niche subset of ‘vintage’ shoes in the range that has a unique, individual feel to it. Common features of skate shoes, that make them useful for everyday wear, can take a variety of forms.


Tougher materials used in their construction (such as a reinforced toe area and specially-designed leather and suede) considerably increases the durability of the shoes and makes them more likely to withstand abrasion. Lace protectors and loops help to stop the laces getting damaged whilst skaters are going about their business; a helpful thing to have if you’re liable to be in situations where the upper sections of your shoes may be subject to stresses and strains. A wider width in the shoe to allow more of a contact area with the board combined with deep soles patterns allows for considerably greater grip and stability both on and off the skateboard.

More specifically, the technologically-advanced features of Vans shoes and skate shoes in general can make them particularly useful in everyday life. For example, the Rowley XL2s have a specifically developed liner within the upper section of the shoe to divert moisture away from the foot to make the individual more comfortable, and carefully-postiioned air vents complement this.

Furthermore, ergonomic development has led to specific innovations the frame of the shoe to keep the heel in place, with a highly flexible mid-sole to allow the centre of the foot to flex and adapt to changing positions and pressures. Vans have a reputation for making light shoes that don’t sit heavily on the feet, which can help to make them feel more natural and comfortable.

Vans suit either gender well; although mens vans shoes are possibly more popular then their female counterparts everyone can enjoy the distinctive style and benefits that owning a pair of these iconic shoes entails.