Sponsored Feature: It doesn't count if…

Sponsored Feature:
As part of the campaign to promote their healthier options range, KFC have put together a new film starring comedian Jenny Bede, and it takes a tongue-in-cheek look at all the times in life that calories don’t count.


It doesn’t count if it’s your birthday.

It doesn’t count if it’s part of your 5-a-day (i.e. a bounty bar).

It doesn’t count if you’ve been to the gym.

It doesn’t count if it’s organic.

It doesn’t count if it’s Friday.

It doesn’t count if it’s free.

It doesn't count if..

There is a cool App on the KFC Facebook page, that invites you to upload your very own “It Doesn’t Count If… ” moment. Every person who does gets their very own personalised poster on their timeline.

You can also upload your pics using the #ItDoesntCountIf via Twitter and Instagram

(Personally for me it doesn’t count when there is a ‘y’ in the day of the week).