Transitioning from Winter to Spring Fashion

Spring is on the horizon which means that now is a great time to start transitioning from your winter wardrobe to your spring wardrobe. The gloomy and cold winter months will soon be gone and instead we can welcome the brighter, warmer and happier time of the year. This means that it is time to ditch that heavy winter coat and to start looking into some key spring items.

Jackets & Coats

In terms of outerwear, it is much warmer during the spring, but it still can get cold. The best types of jackets and coats include denim jackets, leather jackets, windbreakers, sports coats and shearling jackets. Places like Orvis have a wide range of stylish jackets and coats which will provide you with all the warmth and protection that you need for this season.


Big woolly knitwear can be replaced with colourful jumpers, long sleeve shirts and hooded jumpers if you are in a casual setting or blazers if you are looking for something that you can work in the office or down the pub. You will also want to think about colour as it is a good opportunity to try lighter tones such as reds, mid-range blues, greens and possibly pastels as the weather improves towards summer.  Layering your tops is smart during spring because it allows you to stay warm when it is cold but quickly cool off when the temperature fluctuates.


It is not quite time to break out the shorts just yet and what you wear on your legs will depend on the weather and where you are. Slim fit jeans are always a good option for spring, but you could also wear chinos in a formal or relaxed setting at this time of the year. 


Again, shoes will depend on where you are but you might want to opt for something lighter and easier than heavy winter boots. Chelsea boosts can be worn both in the office and as part of a more casual outfit and loafers are another good option for the warmer months of the year. 


The transition from winter to spring is also a time to switch your accessories. Light scarfs can work well when it is still relatively cold and you can also accessorise through fashionable sunglasses and jewellery. 

This information should help you to transition from winter to spring so that you have a practical wardrobe but also look your best too. This is one of the more noticeable seasonal changes so it is important to be well prepared and to know key items that you will want to have in your wardrobe for the months ahead. This is a brighter and happier time of the year and this should be reflected in your new wardrobe.